Chainless Half-Double Foundation Method

The CHDC, the chainless half-double crochet foundation is the half-sister of the CSC. They're related, but this one's a little rebellious. You may have to keep a closer eye on her.

But really, this is the same basic concept as the chainless single crochet, only worked with half-doubles. You'll have a little more yarning over to do, but with some focus, you can do it! 

Practice, practice, practice! Try playing around by making chains with both csc and chdc - for funsies.

Understanding the abbreviations:
- YO: Yarn Over
ch: Chain
hk: Hook
Rep: Repeat

play hard ... play hooky

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  1. If only all tuts were like this! Perfect photos with straight-to-the-point directions. No scrolling up and down the page, trying to figure out if the captions fall above or below the pics. No listening to endless chatter on YouTube. Thank you!

  2. How do you join it to make a continuous circle?

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for your question. It's the same technique that I show in this tutorial (there is also a link to a video showing a live tutorial starting the video at about 11:45)