15,000 Facebook Fans

Yesterday I posted a picture... a Dobby-esque, crazy yarn lady type picture (and I unashamedly want to frame it). I made my deadline for 24 Colorado Beanies in one month. And that's pretty much what I looked like trying to get it all done. Tired and covered in blue yarn. But at least my hands and forearms were whipped into shape - I wonder if I burned enough calories to have that brownie?

Well this morning I checked in with my Facebook page and had a bit of a shock. I woke up to 15,000 Facebook fans! You know I like celebrating, so as a thank you check out my Ravelry shop and get 40% off your whole pattern order. 

Just use the code HOOKY15000 when you check out all day today (Nov 22).

play hard... play hooky

(I'm still trying to figure out this mobile blogging thing. That's why my pics are suspiciously devoid of hyperlinks. My bad!)


Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday and I'm in the mood to celebrate!

play hard ... play hooky


I have a little secret, but it's getting bigger

I've been a little quiet lately. It has a lot to do with incoming orders, chores, and the beginning of the holidays. But there's another, little... tiny in fact... reason.

And it's a GIRL!!

Along with trying to answer messages, getting orders done, posting on FB, and keeping up with my kids, I'm also growing a tiny human. So needless to say. I'm tired. Exhausted really. I also have a major case of pregnancy brain. Please forgive me if it takes me longer than usual to get back to you, or post new tutorials and patterns. 

I'm 23 weeks along already (that's me at 20 weeks in the pic), and our baby girl is due March 1st. I was actually pretty surprised when the ultrasound tech said "I don't see any boy parts". I had myself convinced it was a boy. But I think maybe Bryn was smirking down at my shocked expression - she knew all along. 

To celebrate the announcement, I'm having a one-day sale in my Ravelry shop. Use the coupon ITSAGIRL today only for a special discount on your total pattern order.

It's about to get crazy around here.

play hard ... play hooky