Playin' Hooky Sightings!!

It's ON (like Donkey Kong?)... wow, I'm old.

ANYWAY I've started a new & ongoing weekly contest for you!

Well, snap a pic and post it to my Facebook wall, Twitter or Instagram (use #PlayinHookySighting on Twitter & Instagram so I can find them)

I'll pick my favorite pic every week and the winner gets a prize and a feature on my social media sites & blog! Just remember:

  • The more creative/silly/epic the picture is, the more likely you'll win
  • Don't be too much of a stalker - if you can, ask if they'll pose so you can win a contest.
  • I don't condone the defacement of public property haha!


Brain Waves Beanie Video Tutorial

My Brain Waves Beanie video tutorial is finally LIVE!! It took me two filming sessions, cooperation from my kids, some of my sanity, and lots of hours to create (what I hope is) a helpful video tutorial for you. Find the pattern under "Free Pattern" above where you can view it directly on the page or download the PDF file to your computer or mobile device by clicking the link at the top.

I've also spent several days debating whether or not to charge a small fee for access to the video (I'm talking just $0.99). For some reason this decision didn't come lightly. I know I may get some grief over this and if it offends you I hope you'll forgive what I'm about to say. I have spent literally hundreds of hours creating and updating the pattern, personally responding to each question, and creating photo and now video tutorials for what always has been, and always will be a free pattern.

*gets on soapbox* I know there are some who believe that all crochet patterns and tutorials should be free. But seriously, who among you would go to work and willingly give up your paycheck? Yes, this is my job - I'm fortunate that it's also my passion. Even though I don't go to a traditional office everyday, I work extremely hard (with long, odd hours) creating patterns, responding to questions, taking and editing photos, promoting, web building and designing, balancing my accounts, and of course... crocheting. (Trust me, I'm not complaining. I absolutely love what I do and I'm grateful for what the crochet community has given me and my family) I figured that $0.99 would be a small price to pay for the video and help compensate for all the time and energy I've put into it. (PS - had I charged for the video, the pattern would have remained free.) *stepping off soapbox*

On the other hand, I gave you my word that the pattern would always be free. In the end I felt that my promise encompassed any and all tutorials and trumped my ego. IF you feel so inclined, I added a "Donate" button at the top of the pattern page and I would be honored by any contribution you deem worthy. But you can rest easy and feel free to enjoy the pattern and ask me questions without a donation.

So there you go... not sure if that was too much information, but it's been weighing on me lately and it feels good to say it. And don't forget... here's the long awaited video! ENJOY and I hope it helps!



You might be a crocheter if...

Yesterday I posted that simple statement on my Facebook page and got some hilarious comments! Here are some of my favorites:
  • You've lost your hook without ever moving from the spot your in.
  • You don't get offended when someone calls you a hooker.
  • Your husband wont throw old shirts away cuz you say you can make your own yarn with it
  • You have hooks in your purse
  • you drool over the crochet work in the background of a movie scene and forget about said movie
  • You'll finish JUST ONE MORE ROW before you get up to go pee!
  • you never paint your nails b/c the time spent waiting for them to dry is time that could be better spent crocheting!
  • you drive by a hobby store and your kids yell...."no mom"
  • you look at everyone's winter accessories while at the store saying I can make that...
  •  if you have tons and tons of yarn but are always out of that one color you need to finish your project!
  • You use your cleavage for hook storage while in the middle of a project
  • if you get offended when someone asks what you are knitting.
  •  You regularly find a crochet hook....the one you spent 10 min looking for only to just use your backup...tucked in your ponytail.
  • you get fidgety when you can't decide what to make next
  • you have a tattoo that says "knotty hooker" 
  • When friends around you start giving you their yarn they bought because they wanted to be like you but just aren't and they don't want to store it anymore.
  • When friends start seeing things crocheted and they walk up to you and say you can make that right?
  • You sit on the couch and get poked with a hook
  • You answer every question by shouting a number so you don't lost your count
  • You walk through the house, turn around and find that you've weaved a yarn web because it was attached to your legs!
  • You stalk a stranger with a cute hat on through the grocery store trying to figure out how to make it.
  • when ur husband says you are moving your hands like your crocheting when your sleeping:)
  • Your husband just sighs and shakes his head when you sit down to watch a movie and you pull out the yarn and hook.
  •  if all your friends have a hat you've made but you don't
And of course:
  • Playing hooky doesn't mean skipping school!