You might be a crocheter if...

Yesterday I posted that simple statement on my Facebook page and got some hilarious comments! Here are some of my favorites:
  • You've lost your hook without ever moving from the spot your in.
  • You don't get offended when someone calls you a hooker.
  • Your husband wont throw old shirts away cuz you say you can make your own yarn with it
  • You have hooks in your purse
  • you drool over the crochet work in the background of a movie scene and forget about said movie
  • You'll finish JUST ONE MORE ROW before you get up to go pee!
  • you never paint your nails b/c the time spent waiting for them to dry is time that could be better spent crocheting!
  • you drive by a hobby store and your kids yell...."no mom"
  • you look at everyone's winter accessories while at the store saying I can make that...
  •  if you have tons and tons of yarn but are always out of that one color you need to finish your project!
  • You use your cleavage for hook storage while in the middle of a project
  • if you get offended when someone asks what you are knitting.
  •  You regularly find a crochet hook....the one you spent 10 min looking for only to just use your backup...tucked in your ponytail.
  • you get fidgety when you can't decide what to make next
  • you have a tattoo that says "knotty hooker" 
  • When friends around you start giving you their yarn they bought because they wanted to be like you but just aren't and they don't want to store it anymore.
  • When friends start seeing things crocheted and they walk up to you and say you can make that right?
  • You sit on the couch and get poked with a hook
  • You answer every question by shouting a number so you don't lost your count
  • You walk through the house, turn around and find that you've weaved a yarn web because it was attached to your legs!
  • You stalk a stranger with a cute hat on through the grocery store trying to figure out how to make it.
  • when ur husband says you are moving your hands like your crocheting when your sleeping:)
  • Your husband just sighs and shakes his head when you sit down to watch a movie and you pull out the yarn and hook.
  •  if all your friends have a hat you've made but you don't
And of course:
  • Playing hooky doesn't mean skipping school!



  1. I love these and I know I am guilty of way too many of them!!!

  2. these made me laugh out loud...guilty of sooo many of them :)

  3. Yeah, I do pretty much all of those. lol Especially the one "You answer every question by shouting a number so you don't lost your count" - at least 5 times yesterday.

    1. I am with Krystin on the funniest one, I am so guilty of that! I knit also so its funny to me when people say "now is that knit or crochet?" I always think where did these people grow up? lmao!

    2. I agree, this one was the best and next would have to be losing your crochet hook when you haven't even moved. Thank s for the laugh!

    3. Lol! Thanks ladies! That was my comment. I do it all day long. At first I would get puzzled looks from the hubby and oldest child but now they are used to it. :-)
      There were a lot of good ones!

  4. Yay mine made it in there! I'm guilty of the admiring crochet work in the Background of movies, and I just can't watch a film without my hook! Love all of these! X

  5. Yep!
    I'm always yapping on about the crocheted items while my poor husband tries to watch films or TV
    Most of the other points apply too.
    I'm a happy hooker!

  6. LOL How about.... Your kid calls Hobby Lobby "Mommy's Yarn Store".... You pause a show because you seen a Hat you want to make and you quick snap a pic.... You're willing to go to Hobby lobby 10 times just to use your 40% off coupon on every skein of yarn... OR... You Started out with 1 boye hook set.. to come and find out now you own over 30 hooks lol! all different brands of course!

  7. So funny! I do so many of these! Love the stick your hook in your cleavage so you don't lose it! Never tried that one! Reading these made me laugh out loud! Just went to Michael's for yarn this afternoon and didn't tell my daughter we had to stop there until we pulled in the parking lot! She freaked out! "No Mom! Your going to take forever just looking at yarn!" Ha Ha!

  8. Just about died laughing while reading that im not the only one to use boobs as a quick safe hook storage!!!!

  9. My favorite was answering every question with a number!!!

  10. Answering every question with a number!!!...that is soooo me!...i just nod my head and keep counting until i get to a stopping point...the hubby has gotten used to it!!!...lol!

  11. OR your husband is always looking for deals on yarn cause, "if im going to have to buy it I may as well get a good deal on it" LOL i taught him right