Stolen Surprise

Really... who wants to steal a 9 ft long scarf and a huge pair of crocheted glasses?

Some of you might know that Part 1 of the latest Harry Potter movie was released at midnight last night. I'm a bit of a dork and thought it would be really fun to do something different for fans of the book and the people in my town. There's a pair of statues in the main town park - lo and behold they're lions (it's a HP thing if you don't already know). My brain started working and I came up with a fun and whimsical (do people still say that?) surprise for my town. YARN BOMB!!!

It took me a few days to crochet, like I said the scarf was 9 ft long. I even hand drew a little tag that said Gryffindor on it out of a piece of felt so there'd be no question about why it was there. I took it out last night ad spent at least 30 minutes putting it on the lion (the glasses were a little tricky). I took a few pictures last night, but not many since it was 11pm and very dark. I went back home and set my alarm to get up early and take pictures in the daylight, before anything happened to it. I pulled up to the park and my heart dropped. It was gone.

So these are the only pictures I have because someone stole what could have been a funny, surprising, and all around great day for me and the people in my town. I hope you can at least enjoy these, since no one in my town will ever have the pleasure.

Getting ready to put it up
Shhhhh... it's a surprise, well it would've been.
It would've looked so cool in the daylight.

Final shot of me with my handiwork.

To the person who stole my hard work: You didn't just steal an abnormally long scarf, you broke my heart.