Bryn's Yarn Bomb

I've already posted about this on my FB page, but I'm trying to be a better blogger so here it is again

If you don't already know, my 5 year old daughter passed away (whoa that was hard to say) about three months ago. You can read more about it here. This summer I was driving past her preschool and had an idea for a way to keep her spirit alive using one of my favorite forms of expression: crochet of course. I wanted to yarn bomb her favorite piece of playground equipment.

The idea came to me so clearly that I could literally see it in my mind. It's a pretty small preschool and I know the teachers pretty well. They were also devastated by what happened to Bryn and I knew they would want to be involved with my project. So I went against normal YBing protocol and told them my plans. They were honored and got on board immediately. It took me about a month to finish it (I have a 4 month old that likes to occupy my arms). I even took it camping with us.

Finally it was ready. I added her name to the bottom and put it up the day before the first day of school. Since then, the teachers tell me that all the kids love the colors and ask who made it. It makes me smile to know that they can think about her while they play. Check out the pictures and the video of me putting it up, I hope it brightens your day.

A few months later, it's still stands tribute, even in the snow