A word cloud that I made based on my blog


Ribbit ribbit

There's a reason that "Frogging" is the name coined to describe the painful point where you finally realize you have to rip out your work and start over. Rip-it, rip-it. I HATE THAT POINT! And I'm there. I'm working on a present for my Mom, a bag with leather handles and a gold clasp. But right now, I'm thinking about frogging it and starting over.
The pattern is a little vague about the seam which is causing some problems in my color work. The center stripe is supposed to be straight. Well, mine started out as more of a diagonal so I decided to try and change the stitch count to straighten it out. If you look, you can tell the point that it starts to veer off into the land of "bless-her-heart-my-daughter-made-this-for-me", and out of the professional level I like to think I usually work in.
But changing the stitch count caused some problems later on, and I don't like the way the seam is turning out, so I think I have to swallow my pride. Of course I could keep it the way it is, and I'm sure my mom would like it, but I can't do that. I'd always be unhappy with it and I can't knowingly make a gift of something I'd rather keep locked away in the closet.
The only good thing about frogging is that it makes you a little smarter in the future. So here's to my frustrating education. RIBBIT RIBBIT!!



It's been a while since I've written anything. I've been pretty busy working on my wholesale order. At first I thought I would try starting a wholesale account with LionBrand so I could get my yarn cheaper. I talked with some other yarnies online and found out that LB requires an initial purchase of $3,000 (that's $6,000 retail) and they require a storefront, which I don't have.
I tried to figure out exactly how much yarn I need and came up with about 60 skeins. I've NEVER ordered that much yarn before and can use any discount I can get. I live in a small town and our Walmart stopped selling yarn (crunchy Red Heart yarn doesn't count). We have an upscale, expensive yarn shop on our main street but they don't sell what I need. Thankfully I found Mountain Craft Supply, a little craft shop tucked away on a side street. Nikki, the owner, sells LB yarn and is fantastic!
When it came down to it, I'm going to save about $1/skein compared to what I could get it for online! So now I'm just waiting for it to come in and I can start working. And working. And working some more!
Wish me luck!


Pulse Warmers

It feels so good to FINALLY get my new items listed on Etsy, my online shop! I've been away from my house for so long that it's been hard to get much done. But I'm back, and made myself take some time to get my Pulse Warmers listed!! So here they are!!
I designed these to stand out in a crowd and I think they do! Most of the wrist warmers out there use boring straight lines or lacy patterns that won't actually keep you warm. These are comfy, cozy, and unique!!
I like to use bright colors, but if you don't, then send me an e-mail (liz@playinhookydesigns.com) or convo me through Etsy and I'll make a pair just for you.
Not only do they fit great on your wrist, but I found that you can also use them as bottle or can cozies to keep your drink cold.
Let me know what you think of my newest creation!!


Finger Knitting

I discovered "Finger Knitting" over the Christmas holiday when I suddenly realized that I needed one more present for my sister-in-law. One of her presents was a shirt from a local ski shop. "Want to see me pole dance?" it asks under a picture of a girl shredding down a mountain, holding her ski poles. But we wanted something to go with it and decided on a scarf to match the shirt's background. I didn't have my needles or hooks with me but I remembered that a few girls from the 7th grade class that I student taught were into finger knitting. I watched a video on YouTube and knew that I could do it. I used double-stranded super bulky yarn (Lion Brand's HomeTown USA to be exact) and LOVED it! Oh, and I loved the yarn too. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
I'm thinking about making some more to sell at my Esty Shop but I might have to hold off on it for a while. Hopefully, I can start on my wholesale order soon.