34 Signs You Might Be (or know) a Crocheter

If you've been with me for a while, you know that I like to throw out this question every once and a while. I never get tired of your comments and stories. This list is an insight into the weird little world we've created for ourselves, and the people who love us in spite of it all.

Here are the most "liked" comments from my Facebook page. If you have some time to kill and want to read the whole list, check it out here.

WARNING: don't drink while reading this! I just spit coffee on my keyboard. At least there wasn't any yarn on it.

  1. When your kids try to ask you a question and you respond with counting louder.
  2. You can quote any movie or TV show and know exactly what's going on, but have NO CLUE what the characters look like.
  3. Your phone autocorrects to sc/dc/st/FLO/fpdc when you try to type real words
  4. You find NO offense in being called a hooker!
  5. You count loudly and stare down people that are trying to talk to you while you finish a row. 
  6. You lose multiple hooks/needles/supplies without ever leaving the spot youve been in for hours.
  7. You just nod your head and roll your eyes when your hubs calls it knitting for the 749th time this week.
  8. When "frog" is no longer an animal that croaks
  9. One of your top priorities when looking for a new home is finding adequate storage for your yarn.
  10. When you have a hook and a skein in your glove compartment in case of emergency.
  11. When your pattern stash is larger than what you'll ever finish
  12. You have more yarn than clothing
  13. Your kids don't ask you to buy them toys they ask if you will crochet them something, and you are so honored that you drop everything to complete it despite any other WIP.
  14. You go on vacation and google ahead of time where all the yarn stores are. yep, true story.
  15. You have to start thinking about Christmas gifts NOW!
  16. You spend your time trying to prove to people that crocheting isn't just for little old ladies!
  17. Your before bed mantra is "one more row, one more roll, one more row "
  18. When every pattern you find requires a yarn you don't have and therefore, you are FORCED to go buy more yarn.
  19. when your hubby knows he can bribe you do do almost anything with the promise of new yarn!
  20. The phrase "I've got balls" is't dirty!
  21. You follow someone in a store wearing a cute crochet scraf or hat, trying to figure out what stitch was used, what type of yarn without letting said person know you are following you.
  22. you're working furiously on a piece to get it finished, hold off going to the potty till it's an emergency, & then get caught up in your yarn while making a mad dash to get there! Only to pull out half of the last row you were working on!!!!
  23. Your lint roller is covered with mohair, wool, fun fur AND pet fur.
  24. You pack your yarn bag for a road trip but forget your tooth brush. (True story just this morning.)
  25. Your husband is proud to tell people his wife is a hooker who works with hard wood (since I carve hooks, also...)
  26. you wake up in the morning wrapped up in the yarn you were using before you fell asleep last night. 
  27. When you go to take a shower you find crochet hooks stashed in your top, pockets, and hair. Not to mention in the car, in your purse, and every room in the house!
  28. You have tried telling your husband that your yarn habit helps keep the heat bill down and we even need more yarn because we live in an old, poorly insulated house.
  29. If, when pregnant, the first thing that gets packed in your hospital bag is yarn!
  30. You might crochet if the words " baby weight" have nothing to do with a well child visit!
  31. You only ever shout at the dog ( or dogs in my case) when they catch your yarn ( usually by accident) and drag half your project round the room .....happened again today lol!
  32. You cant watch a TV show with out looking at the crochet items saying I can remake that. As you pause it till you can figure it out or till the kid and hubby yells
  33. Craft store employees know your kids by name!
  34. when you get up from your chair you drag a long string of yarn with you and you don't notice it until you're already in the kitchen. And then that last row you were working on is completely undone.

And here's why you should always have a crocheter by your side... you know, in case of emergencies and stuff.
  • You are on a road trip in a rental and hit a coon causing the front bumper to fall off on one side. Your only tools are: yarn, scissors and hooks. You crochet a chain to tie the bumper to the battery posts and cut away the debris with your favorite scissors and still drive 13 hours home with no issues.

I'll leave you with something to remember... even Disney likes us more.

play hard ... play hooky