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Small Business Saturday is to show support to the person behind the shop.

We run on pure passion (and caffeine). We give our whole selves to our work. We do it all for our families. And it wouldn't mean anything without you.<3 span="">

Thank you for supporting my dream. Please share, like, and comment to keep it going!

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Black Friday

❄️ The holidays are in full swing ❄️

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play hard ... play hooky


A Decade of Crochet

I learned to crochet 10 years ago this week. I was pregnant with my oldest, Bryn, and after Thanksgiving dinner my sister-in-law got out her yarn after recently learning to knit and crochet.

At first we tried knitting, but it just didn't take so we pretty quickly switched to crochet. The rest is history.

Later that night we went to a friend's house. I, of course, took my hook and my swatch. I worked on that swatch - all the while thinking that a sl st was actually a sc - until we left. It was the ugliest, wonkiest, little yellow swatch, but I was seriously proud of myself - it was the start of something amazing.

I started Playin' Hooky Designs a few years later, but suffice it to say, after that first swatch I never put my hooks down. Thank you for giving me these ten years with you!

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play hard ... play hooky