Evolution of a Graph

I've had a lot of fun creating graphs to go along with the Graph Beanie Pattern! And thank you for all your suggestions and seeing hats you've made from the pattern - keep them coming! I definitely have more ideas than time to do all of them. I made the decision to test every graph I release, and for some reason, my new TMNT graph has given me a few problems along the way. BUT, this shows you why I take the extra time to test each and every graph. I want it to be the best it can be and sometimes that means going through several drafts to get to the final product! Some of the differences are subtle, but combined, they make a big difference from the first to the last versions. :)

  1. Obviously not right - one eye is all wonky
  2. The wonky eye is better, but I don't like that he's looking to the side. I also didn't like the overall shape of the eyes
  3. So I started completely over with the graph design. I like the shape of the eyes, thought it was right until I took some pictures of the hat on my son. The eyes are too far apart and it looked more like a bug than a turtle
  4. Moved the eyes closer, but forgot ad moved them an odd number of rows - the eye went wonky again.
the "bug" TMNT
This is why it sometimes takes me a while to get it right, haha. But I'll either get it right or scrap the graph, so you always know you're getting a quality pattern!! 



Over the weekend

I was starting to think that I wouldn't have enough flowers... and then this was waiting for me on Monday and it made me feel a lot better

Over the weekend:
- LOTS more flowers in the mail!
- My totes are filling up
- More international packages
- Thank you for the little "extra's" you've made and given our family!

I added a new flower to the mix today to have some medium-sized ones. I fell in love with it and made 14 of them this afternoon!



Today's flowers

March 13 & 14

Flowers from the last two days and a map of the volunteers so far!



Bryn's Flowers - Along the Way

The journey for this project started last September when I had the idea to create a yarn bomb for Bryn at the elementary school she would have gone to this year. You may know that I created and put up a yarn bomb at her preschool (it's still up!) last fall, so this will be my second in her honor. At first it was going to be something small, maybe a sleeve for a pole on the playground, but then it took a turn. I saw an incredible yarn bomb by the Ladies Fancywork Society - in 2010, they were commissioned to create a flower 'garden' for construction fences across Denver. Immediately I knew it was something Bryn would love and something that I could involve the entire crochet community in.

So far I've had an amazing, and overwhelming outpouring of love, support, and eagerness to be a part of the most epic project I've ever attempted. Fans of my Playin' Hooky page jumped at the chance to be involved, resulting in close to 300 members of the FB group I created in an attempt to keep things organized. Members had the chance to choose from 11 different flower designs, butterflies, bumblebees, pinwheels, stems & leaves, and even a rainbow. I created an online sign up sheet (again to keep things organized - both my parents are engineers so this kid had no chance of escaping OCD) and within an hour, all of the slots for crocheted items were filled. I had no idea I would get that kind of response! I've since had to add more items on two occasions so that everyone who wanted to help could have the chance to send something.
The designs we're using to yarn bomb the fence

Along with all the crocheting that's going on, I get daily words of encouragement, support, and love (and even German chocolate - scroll down) from everyone involved. I get so much strength from all of you. If you're local and want to help with set up, please let me know!

So that's where we are. I'm starting to get 6-10 packages a day with gorgeous items from all over the country (11 states so far) and even a couple from Germany and Australia. I'm going to try and update everyone through pictures, so if you're on Instagram or Twitter search #brynsflowers to see my daily photo-diary and other's contributions to the project too! You can also follow some of the pictures on my Facebook page.  Here are some pictures to get you caught up.

March 8: My first package notice!!

March 11: I had so many packages that they gave me a locker, I got my first International shipment from Australia, I'm trying to stay organized, some of the flowers in that day's mail.

March 12: My second International package came from Germany - and it didn't just have flowers in it. GERMAN CHOCOLATE!!! Happy

March 12: Today's flowers, a look at the fence we'll be covering, the German awesomeness

This was a special bird made by Beate (the same crocheter who sent me chocolate so I love her). It reminds me so much of a paper bird that's hanging on Bryn & Tara's ceiling that Beate gave me permission to hold it back from the yarn bomb and use it in the decoration of the room some how. 


Bryn's Flowers - a Yarn Bomb

The Yarn Bomb that inspired me
by the Ladies Fancywork Society
This year would have been Bryn's kindergarten year at Longfellow Elementary. She was so excited about going to school and meeting all her new friends. When she talked about kindergarten, her eyes lit up, her smile got bigger, and her whole body shook with excitement.

Then we lost her. An experience that changed our lives forever. Even though she never got to walk through her Kindergarten door, meet her new teacher, or experience all the joys of a 'big girl school', we can help keep her presence there.

I've been working with the school administrators and teachers to plan a fun and cheerful way to remember her and bring a smile to the kids, faculty, and parents. We will yarn bomb the chain link fence with crocheted flowers and butterflies - two of Bryn's favorite things.

Some of you know that I created a yarn bomb in memory of my Bryn at the beginning of the school year. Now that Spring Break is coming up, along with her birthday in April, I want this BIGGER yarn bomb in her honor.

Here's how you can be a part of this memorable and meaningful event:
  • Join my group on Facebook (If you don't have a FB account, let me know and I'll make sure you can still participate)
  • You can crochet items, help with set up or help with clean up, or send me zip ties
  • Read the volunteer information to find the online sign-up sheet and all the details you will need to know as a volunteer
  • Pick your favorite flower, pinwheel, butterfly, or rainbow color from the album in the group
  • Sign up using the online sign-up sheet (the link is only available through the FB group)
  • You may sign up for more than one item, but be aware that they need to be in the mail by March 18th to get to me in time

The flowers, pinwheels, butterflies, and bees we will use to decorate the fence
my Bryn