Gettin' Ziggy with it...

Sorry for the hijacked Wil Smith reference, but let's face it, we both know you love that song.

I wanted to let everyone know all about my Ziggy Hat pattern. For the next 3 weeks I'm having major sales on some of my 'old' patterns. They'll be on sale for entire week then discontinued. I may have some "Disney Vault" type weekends when you can buy discontinued patterns, but for now, my plan is to move out the old for all my new designs to be launched SOON!

And now it's time to get Ziggy!

My son sporting the Rasta Ziggy - this was the pic I used when I first released the pattern. This hat was also chosen as a finalist in the Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Contest, 2010. 
I first released this design October 25, 2009. I had so much fun while I was designing it. I saw a blanket with this crazy zig zag pattern and thought, "I bet that'd make a really cool hat". And I was right. I've never stopped loving this pattern and I haven't made any changes to it since that first pattern. I've sold almost 40 copies of it on Etsy, a few on Ravlery, and have made several custom orders.

This hat was made by Kohagal from my design. It's one of many hats made by fans of this pattern, and I love the colors she chose!
Part of the reason I love this design so much is because you can't make it look bad! It'll work with your favorite colors, school spirit team colors, dark hues, light hues, and everything in between! It even comes with a chart so you can play with your colors and see what your hat will look like before you even pick up your hook. But like I said hookers, wake up! This pattern will be going away after Sunday!

Even though I've decided to discontinue the pattern, the hat will probably live on. At the last minute I decided to make two Ziggy's for my upcoming photo shoot to keep the Zig alive...