I just got back from ShedFest at the Salida boat ramp and it was SO much fun! Basically, its the end of the season celebration for all the Farmer's Market vendors. I was glad to get the chance to be a part of the ArtWorks booth since last weekend got snowed out! I met a lot of new people (hello again to those of you who I saw there!) and had a great time at my first ever ShedFest! Here are some pictures for you!



Farmer's Market

Last week I was going a little crazy trying to get ready for the Farmer's Market!! If you missed it, last Saturday was my first market this season, and this Saturday I'll be at the last market of the year. I got there a little too early and had soaking wet shoes by the time I finished putting the tent up, but it was fun. At first, I didn't know anyone, and it seemed like all the other vendors were old friends. It was a little intimidating. But once everyone finished setting up, everyone started wandering around and talking.

I got to talk to a lot of really great people; some local, some from out-of-state. I talked to a local ski shop owner who wants me to stop by and maybe put my hats in her shop!! Some of my friends stopped by to say hi, and I got a free lunch from another vendor! I even made my sales goal and then some, which was very exciting!

Most of my sales were off the table, so I have to spend the next week building my inventory back up with a variety of designs. My goal is to make more Along Came a Spider and Brain Waves Beanies to get a bigger selection for this weekend. Here are some pictures of my booth! Let me know what you'd want to see (even if you can't make it in person)!