16 Real Things Hookers Say

When you have kids, you say weird things. Things you never thought you'd say.

"Stop licking the wall" happened and it got me thinking, so I asked my Facebook fans to fill in the blank...

Real things you say when you crochet: _______

WARNING: If you have gentle sensibilities, you may want to skip this post. The life of a hooker can get a little dirty sometimes.
  1. Looking for a cow leg.
  2. Oh no, do I really have to pull it out.
  3. I've lost my eyes... (when making Ami)
  4. Did I hit the hole?
  5. 20, 21, 22, 37, 38, 39, 50...
  6. I wish I got paid to be a hooker!
  7. Hand me those balls
  8. Ugh, I hate fingering!
  9. Just a minute!
  10. If I wiggle it a little more, I think I can get it in there.
  11. Please don't put your arm inside mommy's yarn.
  12. Get my yarn out of your toes
  13. Stop moving, you're wrapped in my wip.
  14. Here, you can play with this one
  15. That dolls leg is NOT a microphone!!
  16. Just one more row.
  1. Dammit if it was only an inch longer!

These are only my favorites. If you want to read all of them, check out the original post here.

play hard ... play hooky


Brace Yourself for the Winner

I always try to bring you something just a little different during Playin' Hooky tee and hoodie week. I used all of my Photoshop "skills" to put a Playin' Hooky tee on Ned Stark and asked you to finish this meme. The comment with the most likes on Facebook wins a free Playin' Hooky tee.

I couldn't resist giving a little something special to my personal favorite captions. These commenters get to pick a free pattern from my shop. If you're a winner, send me an email to claim your prize.

Designer's Picks
  • Kiley Jones... They just called you a Knitter!
  • Jennifer Bibb (and Alyssa Willey)... It's time to weave in the ends!
  • Jackie Fenwick... Last minute gift requests are coming. 
  • Steff Walker... You made her lose her stitch count

And the Grand Prize winner of the free Playin' Hooky tee is...
Chellsea Hernandez

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you so much to everyone who played along. I hope we all got a smile out of it.

If you didn't win the free tee, you still have until Wednesday, 9/24 to get your Playin' Hooky gear and represent. Did you know? Every Playin' Hooky tee & hoodie is ordered and hand screen printed by a local artist. The crochet stitch design was specially created for me by another local designer. No big box companies here! I personally quality control check each one as I package them to make sure your order is perfect.

play hard ... play hooky


Tee & Hoodie Fall KickOff

Fall is here! It's time to embrace it the crisp mornings, autumn leaves, trick or treaters, and of course pumpkin EVERYTHING.

As the weather turns cooler, grab your hook and bulky yarn... and another cozy hooker accessory...
your Playin' Hooky hoodie! Represent (I'm really not that cool so I tend to fall back on my old sayings).

Get your tee or hoodie for a limited time only in my Etsy shop through Wednesday, 9/24. But if you're fast, use the code hoodiekickoff today only (Thursday, 9/18) for a special discount.


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It's all happening Friday

FINALLY! I get to see ZBB live! Two years... hundreds of messages... one singer... one beanie... Rolling Stone... and now the concert.
I can't tell you how excited I am. Really, even my thesaurus is failing me. This whole journey has been to remember my daughter Bryn and when Zac Brown wore my hat on stage it was like a little nod from her; an insiders wink that only a handful of people would even notice. 

And now I'm so grateful to experience the energy, the music, and the emotion in person. 

To celebrate with me, use the code ZBBHOOKY in my Ravelry shop through Thursday, 9/4 and get 40% off any pattern. (I need the gas money to get there; and maybe a tour t-shirt)

Look for lots of pictures on Instagram Friday night to follow along. #brynsconcert


A huge thank you to my bestie Poppy, who's going with me. You made the way for us to go. Without you I couldn't have done it. (heart)

play hard ... play hooky