YAY! I've actually had time lately to start hand-dyeing yarn again! I had a long hiatus during the Holidays. I was just too busy and yarn dyeing takes over my entire kitchen, so I knew as soon as things quieted back down, I could get back to the fun!

I wanted to try a few new methods of dyeing and it's been fun! Not everything comes out the way I expect it, but it always works out for the best! I want to list several skeins at once so keep on the lookout for a yarn explosion at my shop!

My hands after a morning of dyeing! They're all prune-y too!

Getting the yarn ready to make a self-striping colorway. It's a lot of work, and hard to do with kids, 2 dogs, and a cat running around!

Dyeing a whole cone at once!

The softer side of Playin' Hooky

This is the self-striping colorway I was getting ready for. I LOVE this one!

My hand-dyed yarn drawer! This entire cabinet is full of yarn & yarn tools! My husband built it for me, but I haven't found drawer pulls that I like yet...