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You might need a hoodie... or maybe a tee, but wherever you live, PLAYIN' HOOKY you'll be!

Ok, so I wrote that before I had any coffee this morning. I'm sorry. BUT hopefully it grabbed your attention because, get ready... it's Playin' Hooky Tee and Hoodie Week!!

Get your gear with short sleeves or long sleeves, zipper or pocket, in all sizes for one week only. The listings will be available through Saturday. Each item is hand screen-printed by a local artist on high quality Gildan fabric. Check each listing for more sizing and product details.

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BONUS I've added a giveaway where you could win a free fitted or unisex tee! One lucky winner will get to pick their favorite color & style for an all expenses paid tee! The winner will be announced on Friday, 2/28, so go ahead and order your shirt. If you win and have already bought a shirt, you can choose to either add the free shirt to your order OR get a refund. Use the Rafflecopter widget to the right to enter.
Come back everyday for more entries!
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Get your shirt now!

Spot the tee at tea (possibly one of my favorite sightings ever!)



Colorado Love

I've lived in Colorado for almost 10 years now. I got married here, had my babies here, bought my first house here. Even so, I've struggled to feel like a true Coloradan (maybe that's because I'm from Texas). Sure, the mountains are pretty gorgeous, watching snow fall is almost magical, seeing people walk around town in ski boots is good for a laugh, and I definitely don't miss sticking to my car seat in the middle of summer. So maybe I do belong here. One thing that I do know is that for me, all of the things that I love about my new home state are encompassed in this one simple beanie.

The traditional CO flag background color is blue, but I have big plans to make one in every color! Here's a start. Ok, you got me, this one's blue. But it's heathered and I love how it gives it a vintage feel! Just watch out. One day this summer, you'll see a picture of me wearing this beanie on the top of a fourteener (my first ever)!

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play hard... play hooky


Zaggy Beanie Relaunch

I took a break from updating my patterns during the holiday season, but I'm back to it! This week it's all about the Zaggy, the what? The ZAGGY! (sorry for the nerd alert).

I picked the Zaggy as my next update simply because I had an order for it so I could easily change the format, check the gauge, add more detailed pattern instructions and tutorials. Plus, it's REALLY fun to make!

If you don't already have the pattern, you can get it in any of my shops. BUT if you check it out on Ravelry use the code HOOKYZAGGY for a special discount through noon on Tuesday (2/18).

Here's what's new:
- Detailed materials required, including yarn amounts
- Corrected gauge measurements
- Updated Photo tutorials
- Added area for you to write notes

 (PS - I made the purple hat, photographed it, and edited pics this morning all in under TWO hours! Whew!)

These hats were all made by my awesome testers! They make my patterns look good!

Where to buy:

* If you already have the pattern, you get the update for free! Past Ravelry & Craftsy buyers should receive an update automatically. Past Etsy & website buyers, please pm or email me your order number so I can send you your update.



Super Bowl, Groceries & a Rat Forecaster

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. More than that, a team from my state is in the big game. Still, I'm more excited about getting my groceries in a deserted store than I am about the score, haha! I'll probably end up checking who wins, but in a house without cable & a husband who despises televised sports, there's no question that we'll miss every down and each commercial.

That being said, it's also GROUNDHOG DAY!! I've made it a tradition each year to predict whether or not Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and then have a sale if I'm right.

This year is my 3rd annual Groundhog Day Sale. For the sake of everyone in the polar vortex I guessed that Phil would NOT see his shadow and we'd have an early Spring. Well, it turns out I was wrong. I should've known, btu I was trying to stay optimistic. I knew this day would come - I was right the past two years. That means there won't be a sale today...

Wait, what?! I'm not going to let a little prognosticating rodent rain on our parade. So I'm having a sale anyway. Take that Phil!

So today, take a break from your Super Bowl party prep and taking out your frustrations at Phil on your kids' Alvin and the Chipmunks dolls to head over to Ravelry for my We-Won't-Let-Phil-Get-Us-Down SALE!!!

Use the code GROUNDHOGDAY in my Ravelry shop today only to get a special discount to help you get through the rest of winter.*

* $7 ebooks and $2.50 throwback patterns are not eligible for the sale as they are already discounted