Happy Hooky New Year!!

2014 is almost over.

It's been a year full of surprises, successes, stumbles, and sc. Ok I'll admit, I was just trying to Come up with something that starts with s for that last one. But when I think about it, it's true with all those Colorado Beanies I made.

How was your year? Do you have any big goals for 2015? Here are a few highlights that were especially meaningful to me (and then on to the coupon code)...

New designs in 2014 - From top left: Mogul Mountain Beanie & Headband, Outfitters Braided Headband, Timberline Beanie & Headband, Snowflake Graph, Boulder Beanie
A look at my most popular Instagram posts of 2014
This was from a couple of years ago, but I couldn't resist.
Show me your Hookstache
Bryn's Candy
Crochet to go
Hooky Milestones:

Some of my favorite blog posts from the year:

And now for some random thoughts on FB from 2014:

  • I swear my couch is a disguised vanishing cabinet and it's twin is in the room of requirement. Some lucky Hogwarts house elf is hoarding my lost hooks. * nerd moment *
  • I wish that the pictures I took in my dreams were saved to my phone when I woke up. They're not. I checked.
  • Do you have massive sneezing attacks when you pluck your eyebrows? Or is it just me?
  • I literally had an ant... in my pants. And it bit me. Twice.
  • Life is good my friends. Life is good even when your toddler falls asleep on your arm, and now you can't feel it, forcing you to put your yarn down.
  • I think I just vacuumed one of my stitch markers. Derp
  • It turns out that when you put your phone in your back pocket, it will fall out and into the toilet if you forget it's there.
  • My husband gets me. We're Netflixing and he just asked, "You haven't heard these episodes yet, have you?"
Ok, I've tortured you with a trip down memory lane long enough...
To celebrate what will hopefully be a great 2015, use the code HOOKYNEWYEAR to get a special discount* in my Ravelry store. It's good through New Year's Day - hopefully you won't be too hung over, errr I mean tired, to use it.

play hard ... play hooky

* Ravelry only allows one coupon to be applied to your shopping cart at a time. The Free Graph with Graph Beanie purchase and other coupons will not be applicable when you use today's code.