I miss you C'J

I've had a hard time concentrating and getting motivated lately. On the day after Christmas, our family suffered a huge loss. Our 4 year old dog C'J died suddenly. That morning, we found him hiding under the deck. When he crawled out, I immediately knew that something was wrong. His abdomen was severely distended (swollen) and he wasn't his usual bouncy self. I worked at a vet clinic for 3 years and knew what was going on, though I didn't want to admit it to myself. I didn't want to say it out loud because I didn't want it to be true. My father-in-law, Loren, and husband, Colin, rushed him to the vet, breaking a few traffic laws as they went. The vet looked him over and confirmed my fears. He was colicking (just like a lot of horses, his gut twisted). His heart stopped a few minutes later. He was only 4.
But let me back up a little. His parents belonged to family friends, and the resulting 13 pup litter was a big 'whoops', but we were excited to have a new puppy. Our friends knew we were going to adopt him so they started calling him C.J. for "Colin Jr" after my husband. I wasn't crazy about the name, but we couldn't change it so we called him C'J ("Ceej"). He was the happiest, most laid-back dog I've ever met. He pranced when the food bowls came out, but let our 1 & 2 1/2 yr old kids crawl all over him. He slept on the bed (much to my chagrin) and stretched like a cat when he jumped down, farting all the way down. He was at home in the water and loved to fetch sticks and tennis balls. But he was content to spend the day at home, sleeping with his head resting on my foot. Colin called him our "stoner dog" because he didn't have a care in the world. Until the vacuum cleaner turned on. He had the worst gas and the best heart.
I will always love him.
C'J McQueen

Lots to do

Well, I'm a little perplexed. When I got the e-mail from my wholesale buyer I contacted her right away and I still haven't heard back from her. That was on Dec 19th) I figured that she was busy with the Holidays and expected to get another e-mail yesterday (the 1st business day after Christmas). It's my first big order with her and we're trying to work out the best way to transfer payment so you can see why I'm a little anxious. I can't start on any of the hats until I get the deposit b/c I can't buy the yarn out of pocket right now. So I hope she gets back to me soon!!
I also have three pairs of wrist warmers I need to list in my Etsy Shop but I have to enlist my husband to help me. I like to to have clean, professional looking photography for my shop, but I'm having trouble. It's hard to take a picture of yourself in wrist warmers when you are the one snapping the shutter and being the model. The last time I tried, I had to use the camera timer, tilt the camera up with a matchbox, and find the right spot against the wall - all while trying to show off the wrist warmers in their full glory. This time around, I'm making my husband snap the photos!



A few months ago I was contacted by a children's retail hat shop. She saw my designs on Etsyand asked if I could send her a few sample hats. She chose my Snowflake, Strawberry, and PearHats in her 5 kid's sizes. She finally got them yesterday and immediately wanted to order more!! I couldn't believe it!! She ordered 125 of my strawberry & pear hats and the best part is that there's no deadline. I would crochet all day if I could, but I have 2 kids (1 and 2 1/2yrs) that keep me busy so the no deadline thing is perfect! But if I can get them done quick I may get a bonus!! I'm so excited!! I've never made that many hats before, so I've got to get organized and start working!!


In the Beginning...

there was a blog. Well, actually, I've had this site for a while, but I was using it as a place to park my pictures, and other things. I decided to change the format and use it as an actual blog. I still have pictures posted, but I wanted to have this place to write about whatever I want. So take a look around. I've got my Etsy Mini at the bottom where you can see some of the items in my online shop. The treasuries that I've been featured in are to the left. There are links to my Facebook and Twitter pages too. I'll be adding polls, more pictures, and links soon so keep a look out for it!