10,000 Fan GIveaway - New Moon Studio

We have come full circle with one full week of giveaways! Thank you to  everyone who entered, all my new fans, and of course my vendors. It's been an incredible time so far and I hope you think so too!! My hope is that I introduced you to some drool-worthy shops. First up as always are the winners from yesterday.

Drumroll please....


Schere K.W.! She will be making ice cream headbands and bacon scarves with Twinkie Chan's book!
RaeLynn O.! Can tote her WIP's anywhere because she won the tote from Yarn Pop!


For my final giveaway, New Moon Studio is donating a STUNNING hand thrown yarn bowl. I'm finding it hard to describe; it's just that beautiful. Seriously, no words... just look!

The bowl is made with high fire stoneware and covered with combination of two beautiful glazes.
It is approximately 6"x3".
Each yarn bowl is made to order, so estimated ship time from final pick is 3-4 weeks.

I also want to give a final thank you to all of my vendors! I couldn't have done with without their amazing talent. If you missed any of them during the giveaway, here they are...

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Yarn Pop

We're down to our final two prizes in my giveaway extravaganza! Are you ready to see what's up for grabs this Sunday evening?

If you know me, you may know that I'm a HUGE supporter of crocheting in public. I love the questions, the amazed looks, and the conversations it starts - bringing our craft to the masses (although in my tiny town, it's more like a small cluster). This next prize from Yarn Pop will help you take your projects to go while looking AMAZING while you do it!

Her bags come in a variety of gorgeous prints and sizes for any project! The have grommets across the front to let your yarn hang free and the large tooth zipper across the top keeps everything safe and secure (and maybe even toddler-proof!).

Lori is donating one "Totable" Yarn Pop in the Red Crossbones print (fitting, dontcha think?). Use the Rafflecopter link to the right or this mobile friendly link to enter!

PS - Keep an eye on Lori's Facebook page and her blog because she's running her own holiday giveaways where you can enter to win even more totes!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Twinkie Chan

My 10,000 Fan Giveaway is down to the last two days! It's been an amazing ride so far! Want to see if you won yesterday's prizes?

Drumroll please....


Lindsey J.! She gets to bring home her very own octopus (hook) from The Lemonade Shop!
Nikki A.! The Crochet Me Somethin' necklace will soon be around her neck!


Twinkie Chan... what can I say about her except that I LURVE her! She's colorful, creative, and sticky sweet (in the best way!). Not only is she the best at designing food-related crochet awesomeness, but she's incredibly generous and thoughtful when it comes to giving business advice for aspiring crochet designers. And have you seen her ROCKING tats? Oh and she eats yucky stuff. Yup, it's official - she's amazeballs.

She's giving away one copy of her book "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies". Mmmmmmm crochet goodies... nom nom nom

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Wearthou

Perfect for a Saturday Date Night is this Crochet Me Somethin' Necklace from Wearthou. Made entirely from sterling silver, the ball of yarn is 1cm across and has a single crochet hook, shaped by Shirley and is soldered securely in place. It is then tumbled to give it all a glossy shine.
I had one of these necklaces and proudly wore it. Everyone who asked got to listen to me explain that "No, I don't knit. I'm a HOOKER!" :) I loved the dialog it started.
And then I lost my necklace... insert sad music here. But don't worry! My story has a happy ending. I knew I couldn't live without it so I bought myself another one!
Use the Rafflecopter to the right or this mobile friendly link to enter!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - The Lemonade Shop

Happy Saturday!! Are you ready to find out who won the loot from Friday's 10,000 Fan Giveaway?

Drumroll please....


Michelle C.! She'll get to pick her favorite crocheter peg doll from Happy Peg!
Jessie W.! A box of granny square and yarn ball cookies from Manjar will be soon be on their way!


Has work been getting in the way? Did your job make you miss out on some of the prizes so far? Well, the giveaway is continuing through the weekend to give you the chance to enter. I've saved some incredible prizes for the end - well they've all been pretty great thanks to all my generous vendors.

First up this Saturday morning is the very talented Heather from the Lemonade Shop. You may have seen her odes to iconic shows and movies like Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Dr. Who - Master Yoda on the end of a crochet hook or Sheldon Cooper stitch markers - but have you seen her loveable animal designs? Totes adorbs!! (gah - I said it). I have a few hooks from her shop. They are made from high-quality wooden hooks and are even more detailed in person. It's hard not to smile when you work with them

One winner will get their very own Octopus crochet hook, size G. Squeeeee!!! She's so cute!!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Manjar Sweets

You are NOT going to want to miss this one! There's no better way to celebrate that the weekend is almost here then to win a box of granny square and yarn ball cookies from Manjar Sweets! I'm seriously in love! Crochet, yarn, & sugar - YES please! I'm jealous of anyone who gets to enter. I may just have to order them for myself. I'm no where near handy enough with an icing bag to attempt these.

Use the Rafflecopter form to the left or this mobile friend link to enter. So jealous.

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Happy Peg

Who's ready to see who won?

Drumroll please....


Avril H.! She gets to play with the hook from Craftwich Creations!
Crescendo Gal & Sandie R.! They each one a new set of st markers from TJB Designs!


Alessandra (Just Be Happy) is at it again! Not only did she donated two copies of her book, but she's also giving this morning's prize from her newest shop, Happy Peg. I swear, she always has the best ideas - it's hard to keep up! Her new peg dolls are SO sweet that I dare you not to smile! She makes everything from firemen to circus performers to farm animals and of course hookers too!

Enter for your chance to win one Crocheter Peg Doll from this upbeat and positive shop. Just imagine having your own little crochet friend standing at the ready. Now I want one!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - TJBdesigns

TJB Designs made the first set of stitch markers I ever used... and the second... and the third... they are still my go-to markers today! They stay in place, are easy to place and remove, are easily bendable if you need to reshape them, and are just the right weight so they don't get in your way!

Two lucky winners will each get one set of these awesome markers to help with all your last minute Christmas gifts! Use the Rafflecopter form to the right to enter!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Craftwich Creations

First things first! WINNERS!

Drumroll please....


Diane C. & Kat A.! They each won a copy of Just Be Happy's book!
Laurel H. & Maria W.! The won Auntie Jen's Creations button sets!


If you're like me, then you're pretty picky about your hooks. Just like an artist needs the right brushes, you need the right hooks! I instantly fell in love with the hooks from Craftwich Creations. Hand carved from the best branches, each one different but beautiful! You really need to check out what she can do! Best thing is? She makes more than just hooks - you can find drop spindles, and yarn, and wool dryer balls (oh my!).

This morning's prize is one green size M hook from Craftwich (the one shown on the Rafflecopter widget). You're going to want to get your hands on this one!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Auntie Jen's Creations

The chance to win a copy of Just Be Happy's book is over. But don't worry, because I have another two-fer coming your way! All four winners from today will be announced tomorrow morning.


Every great hooker needs her accessories... and these wooden buttons by Auntie Jen's Creations are perfect! I especially love the square ones and the wood grain is gorgeous! Think of all the things you do with them. Where would you put them?

We're having two winners again and each one gets their own set of buttons!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Just Be Happy Patterns

Who wants to know yesterday's winners?

Drumroll please....


Amy H.! She won the set of hooker stamps from RADstamps!
Alexandra M.! She won East Mesa's granny square mug!


Alessandra has created something that, well, just makes you happy! A native of Brazil, she has been inducing smiles with her adorable newborn props, cute kids animal beanies, adult styles and so much more! She is one incredible lady... she'll crank out props, hats, and cozies like you've never seen, all with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. And guess what? She has her own book too! So inspiring.

For Wednesday morning's giveaway Just Be Happy has donated a copy of her book to two, YES TWO lucky winners! It's full of adorable and whimsical (but wearable) designs for kids. Check it out to start your day with a smile!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - East Mesa Design

East Mesa and I go way back. If you've been with me for a while, you may have seen my etched wine glasses or my Kleen Kanteen with my logo. Recently we've teamed up to bring you the best mug EVER! How else would you want to start your day? Coffee and crochet = bliss!

East Mesa Design is giving away one mug - and the best part is you get to choose the color!! Read about about them below the pic.

"Granny Square Etched Ceramic Mug

These mug are sandblasted, through the color glaze to the ceramic.

•How many do I get?•
You will receive 1 mug.  Choose your color: Apple Green, Black, Bright Orange, Cranberry, Navy, Matte Plum.

•What are they for?•
You know, drinking stuff.

•How they are made?•
Handmade everything by me! I design, etch, wash, and package each glass. They are sandblasted, using a stencil that I make. Sandblasting imprints a permanent design that will last as long as your glass does.

•How do I clean them?•
A little soap and warm water goes a long way! Towel dry to prevent water spots. They can also be washed and dried in the dishwasher. Your choice.

•What size are they?*
24 oz! That is a good size mug!

Me with my mug
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10,000 Fan Giveaway - RADstamps

Before we get started on today's free loot, who wants to know the winners of yesterday's?

Drumroll please....


Jonna V.! She won the hand painted skein from Yarn Baby LLC!
Lindsey I.! She won Mad Mad me's clay hook!


I found RADstamps on Etsy and immediately bought myself three stamps! Not only are they UH-mazing, but they're priced so right that it's ok if you can't pick just one. I dare you to try (did anyone else hear Barney Stinson say "Challenge Accepted"?).

This morning, one lucky hooker will win this set of mini stamps that are small but pack a punch. Leave your mark on your envelopes, your stationery (do people still have stationery?), your hand, or your friend's forehead... just keep STAMPING!

play hard ~ play hooky


10,000 Fan Giveaway - Mad Mad me

Next up in my 10,000 fan giveaway is Mad Mad me. If you haven't heard of Charissa, you may be living under a rock because she has a knack for bringing people together and creating networks. She likes to play with yarn and clay alike - of course she's amazing at both!

She's donating one of her signature clay covered leaf hooks. Hooking, comfort, and beauty - all in one! I bet it'll fit very nicely in your stocking ;) Use the Rafflecopter form to the right to enter! You only have until 8pm (MST) so be quick!

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10,000 Fan Giveaway - Yarn Baby

Thanks to the generosity of a few amazing shops, I've put together a giveaway featuring high-quality handmade items every hooker would want to find in their stocking.

Here's how it'll work:

  • I'll feature 2 shops every day - each for 6 hours - Get ready for some seriously amazing shops!
  • The morning shop will be featured from 8am-2pm (MST), and the afternoon shop will be featured from 2pm-8pm (MST)
  • You'll be able to enter for that shop's prize for the 6 hour time period only
  • I'll announce the winners the next morning
  • Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize.
  • Please read the terms and conditions before entering
If you want a sneak peek at the afternoon shops, make sure to sign up for my newsletter


** NOW CLOSED ** Winner to be announced tomorrow!

Now that all the official business is taken care of, I can introduce you to my Monday Morning shop!

Say hello to YARN BABY! If you haven't seen her gorgeous hand dyed and hand painted skeins, you're in for some great yarn porn. What's even better? She creates a backstory to each skein she crafts! Love it.

Use the Rafflecopter form to the right to enter for this beautiful hand painted skein - worsted weight, 218 yds. Stop by her Facebook page and ask her to tell the story behind it!

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Sunday Daily Deal

Want to make your presents this year? When you buy a pattern on my website today, I'll send you my Santa Beanie Pattern free! No code needed.

Are you in search of my patterns?
Use the code HOOKYHOLIDAYS for 30% every individual pattern in my Ravelry shop through Sunday.

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Saturday Daily Deal

20% off any beanie when you shop my website. Just use the code HOOKYSATURDAY when you checkout!

Are you in search of my patterns?
Use the code HOOKYHOLIDAYS for 30% every individual pattern in my Ravelry shop through Sunday.

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Happy Hooky Holidays!

No lines, no pushing, no gas money... just you with your coffee mug in your pjs! That's the way to shop.

This year, Black Friday lasts the whole weekend with a sale through Sunday plus Daily Deals to keep you coming back for more!

Are you in search of my patterns?
Use the code HOOKYHOLIDAYS for 30% every individual pattern in my Ravelry shop through Sunday.

Looking for the perfect present? 
Check out my Etsy shop and get free US shipping Friday (11/29) on any custom beanie, headband, or disc with the code HOOKYSHIPPING.

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ZBB and Playin' Hooky, a year in the making

UPDATE: The hats have been delivered! They arrived in Tennessee on 11/30 to Zac's friend. I don't know when he'll see him next, but at least I know the packaged made it!

If you've been with me for a while, you know that I lost my oldest daughter, Bryn, a month after her 5th birthday. You may also know that on a particularly hard day, I started a campaign to get Zac Brown to wear one of my hats. All because of a comment on this picture of my husband Colin wearing my (then) newest design, the Shockwave Beanie.

We worked hard and SO many of you posted, tweeted, and emailed the band letting them know that you wanted him to help remember my Bryn. But, we couldn't break through. No doubt he gets thousands of messages a day, so we can't be mad!

Recently I've been in touch with a fan who had some great news. She had dinner with her parents and their friend, a man who is friends with ZBB, and even stays in one of Zac's houses when he's in town. I was stunned. A year later and I thought I would never really get in contact with anyone this close. But it's real! So I got to work.

I remade the Shockwave from the picture along with an Avalanche Beanie that I thought was his style but also a little different than what he normally wears. I also couldn't resist making a matching one for his baby boy when he arrives!

Making the hats was the easy part. Writing the letter was a much harder thing to do. It's still very hard to talk about losing Bryn. But this morning, I was feeling strong enough to put into words what I was feeling.

I wrote the letter on the back of a collage I made with Bryn's pictures...

and sent everything on its way to Tennessee.

Thank you so much for all your love, support, posts, and tweets! It means more to me than I can say.

If I hear anything, I'll keep you posted. And if you see anything about it, let me know (I tend to be be out of the loop and the last one to know about things, haha)!

play hard ~ play hooky


Why I can't crochet naked in public

This morning, I woke up to a yard blanketed in snow and 9,999 fans on my Facebook page!! I'm only one away and I almost can't believe it!!

Last week I decided I should plan a celebration. I gave you a choice between a sale, a giveaway, or me crocheting in public. Naked hooking was the landslide winner but it's too close to Thanksgiving to go to jail so I decided to plan a giveaway! 

I've been working behind the scenes to plan something truly great featuring high quality hooks, totes, buttons, st markers, books, mugs, and more!

If it was any other week, I'd open the giveaway on Monday, but it's Thanksgiving here in the States. Family time is incredibly important as is giving ourselves a break. So to give us all some time off, I've decided to schedule the giveaway for the first week in December!

It's going to be hard to wait that long, but it'll be worth it!

Thank you so much for your support and love. It means more to me than I can say. I wouldn't be here without you. <3



Tee & Hoodie Week (Yay!)

It's time to check one thing off your Christmas list because it's Playin' Hooky Tee & Hoodie Week! What's even better? There's a new softstyle longsleeve tee to keep you warm. You can also get the same quality tees, pullover hoodies, and zippered hoodies with my skull & cross hooks logo drawn with actual crochet stitches. Start dropping hints to your family, friends, and neighbors. Don't miss it because they're available only in my Etsy shop until Saturday. 



Hooky Halloween Scavenger Hunt

While you're at work today, play a little hooky and go on a spooky Halloween scavenger hunt! I've hidden 10 bats (look for the picture to the left) in my Etsy Shop. Each one is hidden in a different picture. It could be on any picture, anywhere, in any direction! But it will always be this bat in black. To find them, search through all the listings in my Etsy shop. You can earn a coupon code worth up to 20%!

  1. Email me or send me a FB message with all the LINKS (not the listing titles) to the listings where you find a bat to unlock your coupon code. 
  2. Your discount amount depends on how many bats you find: 1 bat = 2% off... 2 bats = 4% off, 3 bats = 6% off... 10 bats = 20% off!
  3. DO NOT GIVE AWAY ANY LISTINGS AS A COMMENT HERE OR ON FB. If you do, you will automatically be disqualified from any discount. Let's let everyone have fun!
  4. The hunt is on all Halloween day only. So search fast!
  5. Your discount will be good in my Etsy shop through Sunday (11/3).
Here's an example of what you're looking for. If it's not the exact bat shown, it doesn't count.


Release the Hounds(tooth)

If you've been following me on Facebook, you may know that I've started re-testing and updating my patterns. It'll be a long haul to finish them and even though going cross-eyed is definitely a possibility, I've had a lot of fun going back to them so far. Each pattern's facelift involves a full upgrade to my new pattern format and a detailed re-test by me and my testers.
My Avalanche Beanie and Along Came a Spider Beanie were the first to get the upgrade.
Avalanche (24) (333x500)
Avalanche - Adults
Spider (10) (500x400)
Along Came a Spider
Avalanche (21) (332x500)
Avalanche - Kids
Until my Houndstooth Beanie I haven't needed to make any major updates, but that changed with one word... EARFLAPS! A friend put the idea in my mind and I knew instantly that I wanted to try it. I started on them that night and had them perfected by the next morning. They worked up so effortlessly that I can't believe it took me this long to try it. I hope you love them! They are available in the Toddlers, Kids and Adults sizes.
Here are the other updates you can expect to see in the new pattern:
* NEW options: Earflaps and Adults slouchy instructions
* Detailed materials, including yarn amounts
* Corrected gauge measurements
* Added size for babies
* Updated photo tutorials
* Added space for you to write notes
Houndstooth Kids-108 (500x400)
Houndstooth Kids-32 (333x500)
Houndstooth Kids-45 (333x500)
Houndstooth Kids-99 (333x500)
Houndstooth-33 (500x333)
Houndstooth Slouchy-1 (500x333)
Houndstooth-21 (500x334)
Get a copy of the pattern:
Use the code HOOKYHOUNDSTOOTH in my Ravelry shop today (10/17) to get a special discount!
My Website
Get your own custom beanie:
My Website
If you've already bought a pattern, you get the update for free - with all the updated information! Past Ravelry & Craftsy buyers will receive an update automatically. Etsy & mywebsite don't have an option to update past buyers, so please pm or email me your order number so I can send you your update.
Coming next: Big Waffle & Old School Beanie updates


Santa Beanie Pre-Sale & Photo Contest

I know, it's only September, but store aisles are already filling with blow up lawn decorations, wreaths, stockings, and ornaments, so I'm jumping in too. I'm having a Santa Beanie Pre-Sale so you can get a beanie at a discounted price and I won't be as overwhelmed during the holiday season. I also had a genius idea about what to do with your beanies once you get them... keep reading for details!

Grab your cameras and bring out your footy pj's because in conjunction with the Santa Beanie Pre-Sale, I'm holding an Awkward Family Photo Contest! One winner will get a $25 gift certificate to my shop. It's the perfect last-minute gift for someone you love.
  • Submit your photos from now until 12/15.
  • Send me the pic through email or my FB page.
  • All submitted photos will be posted here on my blog.
  • Readers will vote on their favorite photo.
  • The photo with the most votes WINS!
  • Photos must feature at least one of my Santa Beanies (pictured, it can be made by me or made by you from my pattern) to be eligible.
  • Only one photo per family is allowed.
  • By sending me a picture you consent to allow me to use it on my blog, FB page, and other social media sites to advertise for the contest.
  • You retains rights and credit for the photo.
  • Watermarked photography is allowed.


Offshore Dress, Cami, & Leggings

Design Wars 4 has come to a close and it was a great competition! It was fun competing with nine great designers, and they came out with some drool worthy patterns! I took a deep breath and stepped out of my comfort zone (hats of course!) to design my new Offshore Dress, Cami, and Leggings set. 

Thank you to everyone who supported DW4!
You're looking at the 1st place Best Design to Wear winner!!!

When Anne Geddes Baby yarn was picked for this round of DW, I knew I was in for something different. The colors are gorgeous, but I'm not usually a DK-kind-of-girl. I had to get my fingers and hook used to it. Over a month of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this design which ended up being the biggest pattern I've ever written with nine full pages of photo tutorials and 5 sizes ranging from 6 mo to 3T.

Want to get your own copy?

I couldn't have done it without my amazing group of testers!I LOVE how each one added their own spin and creative twist. It made me realize just how adaptable this pattern really is. I deeply appreciate all their hard work, creativity, and of course their editing skill! Thank you!!