Thank you's from a Kindergarten Class

The response to Bryn's Flowers from my community has already been amazing. So when I received a book in the mail with thank you's written and drawn by one of the kindergarten classes, it really touched my heart. To think that Bryn may have been in that class is hard, but good at the same time.

This evening I went by the fence to secure some of the flowers that have blown loose. That same kindergarten teacher happened to be driving by so she stopped to talk. She said that all the kids still talk about how much they like it. When they ask why it's there, the teacher tells them "There was a little girl who was supposed to be here this year, but she can't be. So her mom made this for her." Smiling through tears!

As I've done throughout this whole journey, I wanted to share the pages with you. I blocked out the names of the kids for privacy. I hope they make you smile! :)


Who doesn't like free money?

I normally don't get this excited over giveaways, but this is the best one I've seen. Because really, who doesn't like free money? It's Charissa from Mad Mad me's giveaway and I'm not surprised because she always has the best ideas! You could win one of 3 Etsy gift cards - $100, $50, & $25!! Here's how it works:
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Bryn's Flowers

Last summer, I experienced the darkest moment of my life; I lost my 5 year old daughter, Bryn. My sassy, funny, and amazing daughter suffered a massive asthma attack one month after her 5th birthday. She fought harder and survived longer than anyone thought possible, but after two days her little body ran out of strength. I kissed my baby girl for the last time as she quietly passed away in my arms. The slow walk to healing can take many forms. So far my journey has included crochet and yarn bombing.

Bryn left us just a few short days after her last day of preschool. She never went to her first day of Kindergarten; a day she talked about with such enthusiasm that her whole body shook with excitement. She never got to walk through her classroom door, meet her new teacher, or experience the joys of a 'big girl school' so I decided to create a yarn bomb to be there in her place. After months of planning, over 300 volunteer crocheters from 35 US states, 7 Canadian provinces, Puerto Rico, Germany, Italy, and Australia have come together for the biggest project I’ve ever attempted. Their outpouring of love and support helps me get through each day as the one year mark of her loss approaches.

Tuesday, April 16, would have been her 6th birthday. To celebrate and help give us strength, family, friends, a group of local volunteers, and even strangers walking past gathered on Saturday to install this epic project, showing just how many lives were touched by my sparkling girl.

This is a look back on the journey...

It begins...

My organizational skills are put to the test

Last minute preparations

People around the world showed their support by wearing Bryn's favorite color


Bryn, I love you more than candy


Autism Awareness Graph

April is Autism Awareness Month. In honor of all the exceptional child and adults living on the autism spectrum I wanted to release a new graph. $0.50 of each sale of this graph will go to Autism Speaks. I am also going to auction off the hat and cozy shown below to raise more funds to donate.

The puzzle piece is the symbol of autism to show that each child is special and forms a unique piece in the puzzle, so I decided to go big with this one. You can show your support with both the big design or the smaller one.

Get a copy:
Ravelry - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-graph---autism-awareness-puzzle-color-grid
Craftsy - http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/accessory/autism-awareness-puzzle-color-grid/50647
Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/listing/128418979/crochet-graph-autism-awareness-puzzle

** UPDATE **
With your help, I was able to donate $214 to Autism Speaks!! Thank you for helping me make the auction and sales of the graph such a success! :)



#BrynsFlowers from the last few weeks

If you've just started following this huge project to honor my daughter, you can find more about it by following the link below and by clicking on the #brynsflowers tag to the right.


March 22

March 25-26

March 26-April 2