Our baby girl

These are all the words I can manage right now...

My beautiful 5 year old daughter, Bryn, suffered a massive asthma attack on Sunday morning. Her heart stopped on the way to the hospital. She was revived but her body was without oxygen for more than 30 minutes. She was flown to Denver Children's Hospital and did better than expected in the helicopter, but was in extreme critical condition when she arrived. She was met by family and friends before my husband and I could get there. For that, we are eternally grateful.

We experienced some highs, but more lows over the next 2 days. She fought harder than anyone thought she could, but her body gave out just before 6 pm yesterday, in our arms.
For those of you who know her, I don't have to tell you about her amazing spirit and heart. She had more personality and life than anyone I've ever met.  Words can't say how broken we are right now. If you pray, please pray for our family, and our two other children.

The only thing we ask is this. If you knew her, please take a minute to hand write any favorite memories or stories about our beautiful girl. We are collecting them to make a book for Tara and Declan to help remember their big sister. Write as many or few stories as you want, but please hand write them.  Contact me or a family member for my address if you need to mail it.

Thank you in advance for your sympathies, thoughts, and prayers.


Sierra Bryn McQueen
April 16, 2007 - May 21, 2012
We miss you baby girl