10,000 Fan GIveaway - New Moon Studio

We have come full circle with one full week of giveaways! Thank you to  everyone who entered, all my new fans, and of course my vendors. It's been an incredible time so far and I hope you think so too!! My hope is that I introduced you to some drool-worthy shops. First up as always are the winners from yesterday.

Drumroll please....


Schere K.W.! She will be making ice cream headbands and bacon scarves with Twinkie Chan's book!
RaeLynn O.! Can tote her WIP's anywhere because she won the tote from Yarn Pop!


For my final giveaway, New Moon Studio is donating a STUNNING hand thrown yarn bowl. I'm finding it hard to describe; it's just that beautiful. Seriously, no words... just look!

The bowl is made with high fire stoneware and covered with combination of two beautiful glazes.
It is approximately 6"x3".
Each yarn bowl is made to order, so estimated ship time from final pick is 3-4 weeks.

I also want to give a final thank you to all of my vendors! I couldn't have done with without their amazing talent. If you missed any of them during the giveaway, here they are...

play hard ~ play hooky

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