Tips and Tricks

Here are some of my super secret crochet tricks. Not so secret anymore...
(New tutorials coming all the time so check back often!)

Poms, poms, and more poms! If you've been in the yarnie world long, you've seen pom poms of every size adorning the tops of beanies everywhere... yarn poms, small poms, fur poms, mega poms! From learning how to use a pom-pom maker, to stitching your own faux fur poms, and attaching them to your beanies - here are my video tutorials, originally recorded live on Facebook so you can learn everything you need to know about these awesome little fluff balls.

Have you been too intimidated by Tunisian crochet to try it? Don't know where to start or even what hooks you can use? Check out my full Tunisian tutorial and I'll show you why it's nothing to be afraid of. I'll take you through the tools, foundation, basic stitches, and finishing your work in this video series that was originally recorded live on Facebook. You'll be quickly addicted!

Do you hate tangled yarn as much as I do? When you're changing colors (a LOT) it's inevitable... actually, no. Check out what I do to make changing colors not only less frustrating, but faster too.

Gettin' Knotty: How to attach more yarn like a pro
Run of out yarn in the middle of a project? Forget all that weaving, braiding, and fraying... get knotty. This is the ONLY method I trust in my finished items. Once you get it, you'll love it too!

Never work into chains again! I've used the chainless foundation method and offered the tutorials in my patterns for several years now. Hopefully it will help you learn a new skill, push outside your comfort level, and let you grow as a crocheter.

CHDC: Chainless Half-Double Crochet Foundation

The half-sister of the CSC. They're related, but this one's a little rebellious. You'll have to keep a little closer eye on her.

You've probably got the idea of the chainless foundation, but here's the double crochet step-by-step just in case you're a visual learner like me. 

The Chainless Single Crochet Foundation Join is rounding things out for my chainless tutorial series (see what I did there?). It's for use when you're making something in the round and you don't want a big ugly gap at the bottom of your join. Because really, no one wants a gap - unless we're talking about thighs.

Magic Ring (Magic Loop, Magic Circle...)

The Magic Ring is a technique that I use almost exclusively when I'm making my beanies. It's a great way to start a project in the round and eliminate that big hole at the top!

Add a liner to your hats

I live in the mountains of Colorado. It's cold here. And windy. So let's face it... getting cozy rocks. I've had several requests to show you how I add a liner to my hats. You asked for it!

Invisible Finish
Ever wonder what you can do to make your finished items just a little more professional and clean? This is one of those tricks. I'll show you how to remove that big ugly knot when you fasten off your work. (This is a tutorial I've had on my blog for a loooong time - new, updated photos coming soon!)