Joining the Chainless Single Crochet Foundation: In the Round

Once you've mastered the CSC (chainless single crochet foundation) you're ready to move on to bigger things. So why not try using it in the round? 

The only problem is that if you work your chainless foundation and bring it around to slip stitch to your first st, you'll leave a big gap at the bottom of your join. Gaps in little kid's front teeth are cute; Gaps in your foundation chain, not so much. So here's what you can do to get a more professional, clean finished product.

Check out my LIVE tutorial to see this technique in action.

This way of joining a chainless foundation can be used with any st (CHDC, CDC...). Try it out!

Understanding the abbreviations:
- YO: Yarn Over
ch: Chain
hk: Hook
Rep: Repeat

play hard ... play hooky

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