Chainless Double Crochet Foundation Method

The CDC, chainless double crochet foundation. If you've clicked over to my CSC and CHDC tutorials then you know how much I hate working into a foundation chain. I avoid it every chance I can. And by now you may have the gist of the chainless foundation method but just in case you're a visual learner like, here's the CDC step-by-step.

It's pretty similar to the CHDC - in the same way that the hdc and dc are similar. Just be sure to really pay attention to those YOs!

Keep practicing!! Have fun with your new found freedom and try making foundation swatches with all three stitches (or tr, dtr... if you're feeling adventurous).

Understanding the abbreviations:
- YO: Yarn Over
ch: Chain
hk: Hook
Rep: Repeat

play hard ... play hooky

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