And the city says...

For #brynsflowers2017, I needed to ask permission from my town so that all our hard work isn't taken down the very next day! So..... We've gotten the official go ahead to install the yarn bomb!!!!! YAY!!!!! Bryn's birthday is this Sunday, but the planters we are yarn bombing won't be taken out of their storage spot and placed on the bridge until May. We still get snow in April and the city is concerned with snow removal so they have to keep the bridge clear until snow season is REALLY over. I'm pretty bummed that we can't do the installation for her birthday. BUT it's not that far off, and it gives me more time to sew all the pieces together. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to get the squares to me as quickly as you did!! I'll be posting update pictures as I sew, sew, sew. play hard ... play hooky

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