Bunny Slope Teether for Babies - Free Crochet Pattern

Here's the story of my latest free crochet pattern. Scroll down to the Print Friendly button for the pattern.

My neighbor had a baby 6 months ago - just about 6 months after I had my baby girl. Even before he was born, I started thinking about what I could make for him.

Everyone loves babies. Well even more so if you are good with a hook, chances are you love crocheting for babies. That means the internet is chock full of ideas... some good, some, well, you know what I mean. I found myself cruising patterns for hats, diaper covers, photo props, loveys, Amish puzzle balls, booties, blankets (but let's face it, we all know I have too much hooky ADD to finish a blanket), rattles, mobiles... you name it and someone has probably tried to crochet it.

I eventually settled on a crocheted ring rattle-type thing. I planned to make the ring around a set of gorgeous customized wooden rings I found on Cake in the Morn on Etsy (I'll wait while you go check out her shop... seriously go... I'll be here when you get back). I even had the baby's name burned into a ring to make it even more special. 

All that was left was to make the ring. Here's how that went down: I'm so excited about giving them this gift!... He's still to little to use it though... Ugh, I still need to make that ring... I don't feel like making the ring today... I'll try to make it now, but I have so many orders... Ok, the holidays are over and the baby is getting big enough to play with it so I need to sit here until it's done... Sitting here trying to make it... I don't like this... It's twisting weird... Why is my colorwork shifting so bad?.. This will never hold the weight of those wooden rings... I give up.

So there my pretty little wooden rings sat, alone and naked - they looked so sad and kept reminding me of my shame. By this point I felt like a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad neighbor for never giving them a present to celebrate their baby boy. (This is the same neighbor who saved my coffee that day so you can imagine how guilty I felt.)

And then it happened. True inspiration struck. I had it. I'm going to make a ribbon teether! It's perfect. It's removable, washable, quick to make, and baby safe. YAAASSSSS!! I was so excited that I had three made by the end of the next day.

My fans on Facebook asked if I would write the pattern, and of course I agreed. Needless to say I couldn't repeat that whole agonizing process the next time one of my friends had a baby so I knew I needed to write it out anyway. I gave it the name Bunny Slope because I think it looks like cute little bunny ears and I had to give a nod to my local ski culture.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "This is a small project and it's a free pattern. It can't be that good." Well, you're wrong. Just WRONG. This isn't your average free pattern... you know what I'm talking about. This is a meticulously written pattern with every detail including a full page of new photo tutorials, specific materials needed, stitch explanations... everything you've come to expect from my patterns. Just because it's free doesn't mean I skimped on you.

So scroll down and click the print friendly page to access this fun pattern. You'll want to make several so you can wash one when it gets dirty. As always, send me an email if you have any questions or problems. And don't forget to add yours to the Ravelry projects page so we can all revel in the cuteness.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome pattern! A great idea! My little one is constantly biting his playpen, so I definitely need this one :) Personally for me teething is synonymous with lots of fussiness, crying and sleepless nights. I hate this stage!