Christmas in July and 50% off

It's summer. With a new baby in the house, and my other two kids at home all day, things have gotten a little hectic. My mind tends to think of ALL THE THINGS at once. Let me give you a little rundown...

It's hot - I love rain - I get to wear my Prana mini skorts - don't forget to use tan in a can today - ooh look a squirrel - let's go to the park - hit up Pinterest for some summer paleo meal ideas - it's too nice outside to be vacuuming - RAINBOWS - I got another four mosquito bites yesterday - plan a BBQ - I'm having Wimbledon withdrawals...

It goes on. But the one thing that's not really on my mind is Christmas. Well it should be! And it should be on yours too, because like it or not it's going to be here faster than you think. 

It's time to get inspired and stock up on patterns. Visit my shop any time from now through Thursday 7/16, all the patterns in my Ravelry shop are half off.

Yes, I said 50% off. You got some shopping to do!


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