Right after this row

CONFESSION TIME. I asked what's the worst thing you've put off to finish just one more row. Here are some of my favorite answers from Facebook and Instagram that you - let's face it - we all do so we can just finish one more row...

Which ones are you guilty of?

  1. Pee...
  2. Do the dishes
  3. Clean the kitchen
  4. Make dinner and it usually ends with "we're doing take out tonight, kids!"
  5. Feed my kiddos lol
  6. Sleep
  7. Haha, I have gotten DAYS behind in laundry because I'm wrapped in my crocheting!
  8. On a very rare occasion my son might get to stay up late and watch movie so that I could finish my project
  9. Change a poopy diaper... Backfired. She decided to take it off for me 
  10. My poor kids have been late to soccer practice more than once
  11. My son's bedtime has been pushed back more than once so I can keep hooking. Then my husband comes in and wonders why Monk is still awake. Oopsy!
  12. When my oldest was a toddler I had just learned how to knit and crochet and was a bit obsessed. Apparently I told him "one more row" one too many times because he asked me for something and I responded "just let mommy finish one more row" and he started sobbing and yelling at me "Mom! Don't say bad words!" Oops!
  13. Get the crying baby:/ (he wasn't crying that bad)
  14. Eat
  15. One more row.. being late to leave the house for appointments
  16. Letting the dog inside while its raining.
  17. Sex... 
  18. I cut it pretty close on taking a movie back to the red box
  19. Take dinner out of the oven:)
  20. Let the dog out.
  21. Writing a paper for a course that was due the next day! I was hoping creativity would help give me ideas on what to write.
And this is why I love you all. We're in our own separate little worlds, but we all end up doing the same weird things. All in the name of yarn and hooks.

play hard ... play hooky

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