On the Rocks

If you've been paying attention to my Instagram or FB feeds, you may already know that I've been working on something sneaky. With a group of my local crochet girls, BlondieChell and Good Lookin' Hookin', I planned a small yarn bomb for the start of a local event called FIBArk - First In Boating on the Arkansas. It's the oldest (and coolest) white water festival in the States and we wanted to do out part to get involved.

The Idea

It was early this week when I went to my yarnies and suggested we do a yarn bomb for all the people coming to our little mountain town for the fest. The water can get cold down by the river (am I the only one who hears Chris Farley's voice when I say that?) so we decided to keep the rocks warm by giving them bright cozies. I gathered up some rocks from my backyard and got to work. We only had a few days before the start of FIBArk, so we made 13 in all.

Sneaking Around


Last night, we enlisted the help of our 4 year olds to pick the perfect spots for our rocks. We tried our best to be sneaky, but there were still a few people hanging out in the park. So as nonchalantly as we could (with two flashlight-toting preschoolers), we found new homes for our rocks, Easter-egg style.

The Theif

BlondieChell was up with the sun to go check on our crafty stones in the light of day. And to all of our dismay, she caught this guy stealing the rocks! We all knew it would happen at some point, but not at dawn only a few short hours after we set them up. And this guy was taking them all! Seriously, what does one man need with a dozen crocheted rocks? So if you're in town for the fest and you see this blurry guy (he may or may not be related to Bigfoot), tell him you know he stole the stones... and that we'll be watching him... ;)

We got Lucky

Bigfoot must've sensed something because he abandoned his pretty-rock-gathering before he got them all. I walked to the river this morning with my kids around 9am and found four of them right where we put them. I don't expect they'll be there much longer, but that's the nature of the beast. If you see them, feel free to snap a pic, pet them, or even relocate them, but don't take them home. Let's show all these tourists how weird and fun us locals are, and that our town has more to offer than first meets the eye. Ok, so they probably won't get that deep of a meaning out of our rocks, but at least it'll make 'em smile.

FIBArk 2013 is just getting started!


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