Colorado Fires

This has nothing to do with crocheting, but it's been weighing heavily on my mind lately. As most people know by now, Colorado (my home state) is having a record number of wildfires this year. They seem to be everywhere and keep getting worse.

The most destructive fire in Colorado history is burning west of Ft. Collins at over 87,000 acres with more than 250 homes destroyed. Let that sink in for a minute... As horrible as that fire is, the one that is always on my mind is called the Waldo Canyon fire on the west side of Colorado Springs. More than 32,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, including the Air Force Academy. The fires continues to burn and has reached over 15,000 acres. I literally saw this fire start. On Saturday my family and I were at a wedding around noon. The pictures below tell the story:

Left: We went into the reception around noon; Right: 3 hours later when we came out 
June 27th - RachelleGardner.com
June 27th - NowPublic.com

Horrific pictures aside, I have friends that live in Springs. The happy couple that was married on Saturday spent their wedding night in Manitou Springs (west of town). They were awoken at 1:00 in the morning and told to evacuate. Their house is now only 6 blocks from the evacuation line!

Red - fire, Purple - Manditory Evac, Yellow - Pre-Evac
There is also a fire burning about 70-80 miles from my house, east of Leadville, called the Treasure Fire. So far it's been pretty well contained and is only (only?!) 320 acres and we're not at risk. We also just got some RAIN and it looks to be moving towards Springs!!! At last look I think there are 11 fires burning all over the state. So we need all your prayers and good thoughts to help all the men and women fighting the fires, and all the people and property that's at risk!!


  1. I know it's on my mind! My parents live in Parker, CO and while they aren't in danger the air is just filled with so much yuck from the fires! I'm praying for relief and much rain. Also praying for safety for all the men and women fighting these dangerous fires in the record breaking temperatures!!

  2. Most of my family and my husbands family are located in and around the Springs. We're in Florida and the sporadic info we are getting is extremely frustrating. I'm losing my mind with worry. Everyone is safe for now, but my Aunt manages a Hotel that is just on the other side of the Interstate from the Evacuation Line. They're holding down the fort, giving as many people as possible shelter. Its a scary image. My home town is literally going up in flames. I pray for all them all and for the safety of our firefighters...


  3. We have a friend who lives out there and I'm doing school with Colorado Tech Online and love it, but these fires are horrid reminders that when the grasslands are a tinderbox from no rain, and fires start, it's gonna take a heckuva long time to put them out. Also know a young man from here in Iowa who's out there fighting fires. Makes you think on it in a whole new way when you know people in the conflagration. Will pray for a miracle and then wait for it to happen. Hope you get some rain that will put them out soon!

  4. My prayers are for all those fighting the fires and all those in the fire's path. Let's pray for more and more rain for you!
    My sister lived in Colorado and met her husband there. It is such a beautiful place with the nicest people.
    Take care.

  5. I know what your going through as we had the worst fire in Arizona history last year that burned 538,000 acres. We lost 100 yr old trees, homes and wildlife, but no lives. Firefighters came in from all states and I believe we have sent some to Colorado. I have friends who live in Colorado Springs. Stay safe Liz, my thoughts are with you as always. cindy

  6. It's been horrible.:( My cousins lost their house in the Springs. It's such a sad thing.