The hunt is ON!

Valentine's Day Challenge!!

While you're at work today, play a little hooky to go on a scavenger hunt! I've hidden 10 hearts (like the one to the left) in my Etsy Shop for you to find. Each heart is hidden as the last picture of a listing. So to find them, hunt through all my hats & patterns until you come across one and you'll get up to 10% off!

  1. Email me or send me a convo through Etsy with all the links to the listings you find
  2. Your discount amount depends on how many hearts you find: 1 heart = 1% off... 2 hearts = 2% off... 10 hearts = 10% off!
  3. DO NOT GIVE AWAY ANY LISTINGS AS A COMMENT ON MY BLOG. If you do, you will automatically be disqualified from any discount. Let's let everyone have fun!
  4. The hunt is on all day, so no rush!
  5. Your discount will be good all day tomorrow (Feb 15).
Let me know if you have any questions!


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