With all the new things I have planned for my shop, I thought it'd be cool to re-vamp how I package my hats.. So I thought to myself (actually, I was probably talking out loud) "What can I put in the package that will get my customer's attention, look rad, and promote my shop all at once?"


I happen to be the co-founder of the coolest (that's right, it's true) team on Etsy called Etsy Shredwear.One of my fellow shreddies, Aimee from ABabneauArt, is a graphic designer, along with her other talents. So I asked her to design some stickers for me. She was AWESOME!! Her designs were prefect for my shop! So, I printed them up and they came in the mail today!!!

I can't wait until I sell a hat so I can send off the first sticker!


  1. Lovely sticker design! I think I will drop by Aimee's site soon

  2. Thanks! It was fun working with you! -Aimee

  3. Aimee - you're welcome! I've already gotten a ton of compliments on them!
    Sparklers - you should!!