Tunisian Tutorial - LIVE Video Series

TUNISIAN!! Whether you're just learning to crochet or you're a veteran, tunisian crochet can sound intimidating. But I'll show you why it's not something to be afraid of. Really! From what hooks to use, to basic stitches, to finishing your project like a pro... I've got you covered. You won't want to stop!

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This series was originally recorded LIVE on my Facebook page. When you're live, mistakes happen... please forgive me. Watch the captions for corrections. My phone is old and my wireless connection isn't always great. Sometimes the video is a little fuzzy, but still watchable. I edited for time, split it into separate tutorials, and removed some live interactions.

I've put countless hours into planning, creating, filming, and editing this tutorial video series. I'm happy to offer it to you for free, but I also appreciate all donations so I can continue making free tutorials in the future.

Join me and say hey! I'll show you the tools, why you're using the wrong hook size, and how to get started in Tunisian crochet.

Learn how to begin all your projects at the foundation and then the stitch that started it all - the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS).

Love the look of knit, but the ease of crochet? The Tunisian Knit Stitch (TKS) has your back.

Purling is such a foreign concept to us crocheters, but it's not as hard as you think! You don't have to be a knitter to master it.

Want to make something other than a scarf or dishcloth? Then you'll need to know how to increase and decrease in Tunisian crochet.

Did you know you can use standard crochet stitches like the half-double and the double when you're working in Tunisian? Now you do!

When you're all done, finish your work like a pro. Learn to cast off (bind off) and you can easily go on to create edgings and seams for professional quality projects.

Need some patterns to help use your new skills?
Try my two headbands to get you started!

play hard ... play hooky

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