Gettin' Knotty - How to attach more yarn like a pro

This time we're getting knotty. That's right, actual knots. If you do a little Googling you can find many many MANY different ways to attach a new skein if you run out of yarn in the middle of a project. There's the braiding, the fraying, the weaving... the list goes on. But this is the ONLY one I trust in my finished items.

Check out my LIVE tutorial to see this technique in action.

Sadly, I can't claim to be the genius behind this knot. I don't even know what it's formally called (any sailors or lumberjacks out there want to enlighten me?). But I do know that it's fast, it's easy, and it's nearly impossible to pull out once you tie it right. Here's where I learned.

There is a caveat though. You HAVE to tie it just like the video. If you don't it could pull out easily. Essentially it's two overhand knots slid together and pulled against each other, so there's no undoing it. Try it for yourself! I dare you.

I wanted to try something new for this tutorial; a video flipbook. It's series of photographs to help you clearly see the technique. Pause it, go back, watch it again... whatever you need to do to practice on your own.

Get knotty!

play hard ... play hooky

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