It's been a while since I've written anything. I've been pretty busy working on my wholesale order. At first I thought I would try starting a wholesale account with LionBrand so I could get my yarn cheaper. I talked with some other yarnies online and found out that LB requires an initial purchase of $3,000 (that's $6,000 retail) and they require a storefront, which I don't have.
I tried to figure out exactly how much yarn I need and came up with about 60 skeins. I've NEVER ordered that much yarn before and can use any discount I can get. I live in a small town and our Walmart stopped selling yarn (crunchy Red Heart yarn doesn't count). We have an upscale, expensive yarn shop on our main street but they don't sell what I need. Thankfully I found Mountain Craft Supply, a little craft shop tucked away on a side street. Nikki, the owner, sells LB yarn and is fantastic!
When it came down to it, I'm going to save about $1/skein compared to what I could get it for online! So now I'm just waiting for it to come in and I can start working. And working. And working some more!
Wish me luck!

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