Ribbit ribbit

There's a reason that "Frogging" is the name coined to describe the painful point where you finally realize you have to rip out your work and start over. Rip-it, rip-it. I HATE THAT POINT! And I'm there. I'm working on a present for my Mom, a bag with leather handles and a gold clasp. But right now, I'm thinking about frogging it and starting over.
The pattern is a little vague about the seam which is causing some problems in my color work. The center stripe is supposed to be straight. Well, mine started out as more of a diagonal so I decided to try and change the stitch count to straighten it out. If you look, you can tell the point that it starts to veer off into the land of "bless-her-heart-my-daughter-made-this-for-me", and out of the professional level I like to think I usually work in.
But changing the stitch count caused some problems later on, and I don't like the way the seam is turning out, so I think I have to swallow my pride. Of course I could keep it the way it is, and I'm sure my mom would like it, but I can't do that. I'd always be unhappy with it and I can't knowingly make a gift of something I'd rather keep locked away in the closet.
The only good thing about frogging is that it makes you a little smarter in the future. So here's to my frustrating education. RIBBIT RIBBIT!!

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