Pulse Warmers

It feels so good to FINALLY get my new items listed on Etsy, my online shop! I've been away from my house for so long that it's been hard to get much done. But I'm back, and made myself take some time to get my Pulse Warmers listed!! So here they are!!
I designed these to stand out in a crowd and I think they do! Most of the wrist warmers out there use boring straight lines or lacy patterns that won't actually keep you warm. These are comfy, cozy, and unique!!
I like to use bright colors, but if you don't, then send me an e-mail (liz@playinhookydesigns.com) or convo me through Etsy and I'll make a pair just for you.
Not only do they fit great on your wrist, but I found that you can also use them as bottle or can cozies to keep your drink cold.
Let me know what you think of my newest creation!!

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