Super Bowl, Groceries & a Rat Forecaster

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. More than that, a team from my state is in the big game. Still, I'm more excited about getting my groceries in a deserted store than I am about the score, haha! I'll probably end up checking who wins, but in a house without cable & a husband who despises televised sports, there's no question that we'll miss every down and each commercial.

That being said, it's also GROUNDHOG DAY!! I've made it a tradition each year to predict whether or not Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow and then have a sale if I'm right.

This year is my 3rd annual Groundhog Day Sale. For the sake of everyone in the polar vortex I guessed that Phil would NOT see his shadow and we'd have an early Spring. Well, it turns out I was wrong. I should've known, btu I was trying to stay optimistic. I knew this day would come - I was right the past two years. That means there won't be a sale today...

Wait, what?! I'm not going to let a little prognosticating rodent rain on our parade. So I'm having a sale anyway. Take that Phil!

So today, take a break from your Super Bowl party prep and taking out your frustrations at Phil on your kids' Alvin and the Chipmunks dolls to head over to Ravelry for my We-Won't-Let-Phil-Get-Us-Down SALE!!!

Use the code GROUNDHOGDAY in my Ravelry shop today only to get a special discount to help you get through the rest of winter.*

* $7 ebooks and $2.50 throwback patterns are not eligible for the sale as they are already discounted


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