Colorado Love

I've lived in Colorado for almost 10 years now. I got married here, had my babies here, bought my first house here. Even so, I've struggled to feel like a true Coloradan (maybe that's because I'm from Texas). Sure, the mountains are pretty gorgeous, watching snow fall is almost magical, seeing people walk around town in ski boots is good for a laugh, and I definitely don't miss sticking to my car seat in the middle of summer. So maybe I do belong here. One thing that I do know is that for me, all of the things that I love about my new home state are encompassed in this one simple beanie.

The traditional CO flag background color is blue, but I have big plans to make one in every color! Here's a start. Ok, you got me, this one's blue. But it's heathered and I love how it gives it a vintage feel! Just watch out. One day this summer, you'll see a picture of me wearing this beanie on the top of a fourteener (my first ever)!

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