You might be a crocheter if...

Yesterday I posted that simple statement on my Facebook page and got some hilarious comments! Here are some of my favorites:
  • You've lost your hook without ever moving from the spot your in.
  • You don't get offended when someone calls you a hooker.
  • Your husband wont throw old shirts away cuz you say you can make your own yarn with it
  • You have hooks in your purse
  • you drool over the crochet work in the background of a movie scene and forget about said movie
  • You'll finish JUST ONE MORE ROW before you get up to go pee!
  • you never paint your nails b/c the time spent waiting for them to dry is time that could be better spent crocheting!
  • you drive by a hobby store and your kids yell...."no mom"
  • you look at everyone's winter accessories while at the store saying I can make that...
  •  if you have tons and tons of yarn but are always out of that one color you need to finish your project!
  • You use your cleavage for hook storage while in the middle of a project
  • if you get offended when someone asks what you are knitting.
  •  You regularly find a crochet hook....the one you spent 10 min looking for only to just use your backup...tucked in your ponytail.
  • you get fidgety when you can't decide what to make next
  • you have a tattoo that says "knotty hooker" 
  • When friends around you start giving you their yarn they bought because they wanted to be like you but just aren't and they don't want to store it anymore.
  • When friends start seeing things crocheted and they walk up to you and say you can make that right?
  • You sit on the couch and get poked with a hook
  • You answer every question by shouting a number so you don't lost your count
  • You walk through the house, turn around and find that you've weaved a yarn web because it was attached to your legs!
  • You stalk a stranger with a cute hat on through the grocery store trying to figure out how to make it.
  • when ur husband says you are moving your hands like your crocheting when your sleeping:)
  • Your husband just sighs and shakes his head when you sit down to watch a movie and you pull out the yarn and hook.
  •  if all your friends have a hat you've made but you don't
And of course:
  • Playing hooky doesn't mean skipping school!