Brain Waves Beanie Video Tutorial

My Brain Waves Beanie video tutorial is finally LIVE!! It took me two filming sessions, cooperation from my kids, some of my sanity, and lots of hours to create (what I hope is) a helpful video tutorial for you. Find the pattern under "Free Pattern" above where you can view it directly on the page or download the PDF file to your computer or mobile device by clicking the link at the top.

I've also spent several days debating whether or not to charge a small fee for access to the video (I'm talking just $0.99). For some reason this decision didn't come lightly. I know I may get some grief over this and if it offends you I hope you'll forgive what I'm about to say. I have spent literally hundreds of hours creating and updating the pattern, personally responding to each question, and creating photo and now video tutorials for what always has been, and always will be a free pattern.

*gets on soapbox* I know there are some who believe that all crochet patterns and tutorials should be free. But seriously, who among you would go to work and willingly give up your paycheck? Yes, this is my job - I'm fortunate that it's also my passion. Even though I don't go to a traditional office everyday, I work extremely hard (with long, odd hours) creating patterns, responding to questions, taking and editing photos, promoting, web building and designing, balancing my accounts, and of course... crocheting. (Trust me, I'm not complaining. I absolutely love what I do and I'm grateful for what the crochet community has given me and my family) I figured that $0.99 would be a small price to pay for the video and help compensate for all the time and energy I've put into it. (PS - had I charged for the video, the pattern would have remained free.) *stepping off soapbox*

On the other hand, I gave you my word that the pattern would always be free. In the end I felt that my promise encompassed any and all tutorials and trumped my ego. IF you feel so inclined, I added a "Donate" button at the top of the pattern page and I would be honored by any contribution you deem worthy. But you can rest easy and feel free to enjoy the pattern and ask me questions without a donation.

So there you go... not sure if that was too much information, but it's been weighing on me lately and it feels good to say it. And don't forget... here's the long awaited video! ENJOY and I hope it helps!



  1. Liz - your pattern, your video, your decision. It's as simple as that.

    However, I think you can also look as it as a great future marketing tool. People can view this free video and see what they will get on your future videos that you may charge for. I think .99 is a good price and a fair one.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work on the pattern and on the video! Your soapbox is justified. Thank you again! I love the brainwaves pattern.

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  4. Thanks so much for doing the video Liz!! It really helped me out with the correct way to join the double crochet in row 8. I had been doing it a little bit wrong although my hats still turned out alright. I'm glad to know the righ way now :) I would love to donate to your video for the brainwaves pattern. I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into designing your beautiful/cool patterns!! Thanks!

  5. this brain wave hat is wow. i am going to crochet one for my son !!

  6. I love this hat! I just finished making one for my husband but found that it was on the small side - I added lots of extra rows and it's really snug on him. I have been crocheting for almost two months so clearly there is a lot I have to learn!! I'm just wondering if somehow mine was way smaller than yours or if there would be an easy way to make it bigger. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. Like I said, I love it!!


    1. Hi Camille!
      I'm so glad you like the pattern! Some crocheters say this hat is big and other say it's small. It's all in how tightly you crochet. You can increase your hook size and make sure to measure your gauge after the first few rounds to make the right size. :)

    2. Thanks Liz! I'll try upping my hook size next time. Being new, I'm not sure how tightly I crochet. :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. I really love your tutorial and your patterns. Thanks for sharing this fun pattern.