Can't stop me!

Dear Yarn Bomb Theif:
YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! Mwah ha ha...

Actually, there's nothing sinister about yarn bombing. In my option it's a fun, lighthearted way to bring my favorite art to people who might not know crochet is not just for little old ladies (even though little old lady hookers are ROCKSTARS!!). I want to make people smile without them knowing how much work goes on behind the scenes to make it happen.

After my Harry Potter yarn bomb was stolen, I was incredibly upset. I'll admit it, I cried. BUT then I decided that I'm not going to let it stop me from having fun. This time I decided to do something much smaller. I had seen a picture of a yarn bomb someone else did and I've been dying to try it ever since. So I spent about 30 minutes making these fuzzy little circles to put around the push-to-walk buttons on the only (yes, I said only) stoplight downtown. Instead of putting them up in the cover of darkness, I decided to be brave and do it in the daytime! I took my 2 yr old son with my so I'd have an excuse for why I was walking so slow and taking pictures. I walked around around the intersection and put a YB on all 4 buttons. I checked later that evening as I went to work and they were all still there!!

And then the next day, they were gone. If you see anyone wearing these as scrunchies (look for women aged 25-35 - they were young when scrunchies were cool, haha) go tell them you know they stole their hair ornament and that's gross that they put something on their hair that was on a public stoplight. Hahaha.

My next YB will have to be taken off with scissors!!!! *Fist in air*



  1. The jerks! At least you're fighting back... Not taking no for an answer! Makes me want to put up some yarn bombs.

  2. K- the captcha thing has screwed up my comments twice now! I quit! :P

  3. Never give up, never surrender!!! lol

    I think your yarn bombs are fabulous; can't wait to see more! :-)

    P.S. I loved the comment about little old lady hookers being rockstars...you're totally right!