Been busy!

This has been one crazy & busy Holiday season!

I've been working on a couple new patterns that I just listed at my Etsy shop. I haven't even had time to get the up on my website yet, but hopefully soon! I even got my husband, Colin, to model for me! I've been asking him forever, but now that I had a hat he wanted, I had some leverage. So I paid for his modeling services with the hat he's wearing in the pictures!

Along with my two new designs, I'm also trying to dye up some yarn to add to my shop. I've got a TON of white or off-white yarn just sitting around so I really want to start getting some of it listed!

I've also been talking with my LYS about selling my patterns. I finally got it together and brought them my Braided Cabbie Hat, Fishnet Beanie, and Townie Cap patterns. I also made them a couple of hats to display with my patterns! So if you're in Salida, CO go downtown and check out my designs at Fringe!

That's all my overworked brain can think of for right now! HAPPY HOOKING!

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