A few things happened this week that led me to make this cute little baby toy. My friend in Denver just had a baby boy and I'd been planning on making this but never had the time. Then my computer suddenly died. Well, it didn't quite die, but it was touch an go for a while there. The geeky computer tech performed a hard drive transplant and with a little love and reinstall, things were back to normal.
Needless to say I was without a computer for a few days and I discovered that I'm addicted to the internet. I used my Wii to check my e-mail and tweet a few times, but it just didn't satisfy my tech craving. So to keep my hands and mind occupied, I took those few days to try my hand at amigurumi.
Amigu-what?? It's a Japanese word meaning knitted stuffed toy. Google it. I've stayed away from it for the most part because most amigurumi is cutesy fluffy bunnies and rainbows; not my style. I know what you're thinking "but didn't you just make a cute ring toss with smiling insects & frogs?" Yes, I did, but that's for a baby, so it's ok.
It got me thinking though. There have to be some rad crocheted dolls out there. And there are!! Karabouts & KnotByGra'ma are so sick, just to name a few. Now I've got the itch to find more edgy amigurumi and even more so to make my own! I usually stick to making hats only, but it's getting warmer and people don't really want ski-type hats anymore (unless you live in the southern hemisphere) so I'm giving myself license to think outside the box a little. All because of a baby boy and technology withdrawal.

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  1. Funny....and the toy is Cute! Sometimes these things happen just to get us to change things up a bit and maybe find something we love and didn't even know it!