National Crochet Month

March is quickly becoming one of my favorite months. I've always loved playing on St. Patrick's Day and decking myself out in green, like a true American (the Irish think we're plonkers for going green). But I just found out that it's also National Crochet Month and I'm so stoked! I've been crocheting for about 3 1/2 years and I'm addicted to it. I'm so addicted that I'd love to 'hook' all day long which is why I'm trying to make a living from it with my online shop and designs. I'm using NCM to focus on my designs, promote crochet, and getting my shop off the ground. So here are my goals for the month:
  • Blog about crochet-related things every day. Well, how about every weekday...
  • Create, list, and pimp 4 new designs
  • Tweet & Facebook about crochet news 5 times a week
You've heard it here first, so now I actually have to stick to my goals!
What are YOU doing for National Crochet Month???
This is OUR month! HAPPY HOOKING!

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