Well, I didn't think I was actually going to finish my first Crochet Month pattern today, but I DID! I have two young kids and it's not always easy for me to crochet as much as I want to, but I hustled to get it done before the sun went down so I could take pictures and list it. Thanks has to be given to my husband for helping me with the colors of the yellow and green one.
With this pattern, I wrote notes as I went to make it easier when I had to sit down and type it out. After I got the pattern out of my notebook and into Publisher I decided to make a second hat from it to make sure there were no mistakes and then list it.
My computer was really starting to really annoy me though and I wasn't sure I was going to get it listed tonight. But my patient husband told me to keep trying and it finally happened.
So here it is, the "Ski Town Beanie". It reminds me of those Swiss Chalet A frame type buildings you find in ski towns, hence the name!!

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