It's all happening Friday

FINALLY! I get to see ZBB live! Two years... hundreds of messages... one singer... one beanie... Rolling Stone... and now the concert.
I can't tell you how excited I am. Really, even my thesaurus is failing me. This whole journey has been to remember my daughter Bryn and when Zac Brown wore my hat on stage it was like a little nod from her; an insiders wink that only a handful of people would even notice. 

And now I'm so grateful to experience the energy, the music, and the emotion in person. 

To celebrate with me, use the code ZBBHOOKY in my Ravelry shop through Thursday, 9/4 and get 40% off any pattern. (I need the gas money to get there; and maybe a tour t-shirt)

Look for lots of pictures on Instagram Friday night to follow along. #brynsconcert


A huge thank you to my bestie Poppy, who's going with me. You made the way for us to go. Without you I couldn't have done it. (heart)

play hard ... play hooky

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