10,000 Fan Giveaway - Yarn Pop

We're down to our final two prizes in my giveaway extravaganza! Are you ready to see what's up for grabs this Sunday evening?

If you know me, you may know that I'm a HUGE supporter of crocheting in public. I love the questions, the amazed looks, and the conversations it starts - bringing our craft to the masses (although in my tiny town, it's more like a small cluster). This next prize from Yarn Pop will help you take your projects to go while looking AMAZING while you do it!

Her bags come in a variety of gorgeous prints and sizes for any project! The have grommets across the front to let your yarn hang free and the large tooth zipper across the top keeps everything safe and secure (and maybe even toddler-proof!).

Lori is donating one "Totable" Yarn Pop in the Red Crossbones print (fitting, dontcha think?). Use the Rafflecopter link to the right or this mobile friendly link to enter!

PS - Keep an eye on Lori's Facebook page and her blog because she's running her own holiday giveaways where you can enter to win even more totes!

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