Thank you's from a Kindergarten Class

The response to Bryn's Flowers from my community has already been amazing. So when I received a book in the mail with thank you's written and drawn by one of the kindergarten classes, it really touched my heart. To think that Bryn may have been in that class is hard, but good at the same time.

This evening I went by the fence to secure some of the flowers that have blown loose. That same kindergarten teacher happened to be driving by so she stopped to talk. She said that all the kids still talk about how much they like it. When they ask why it's there, the teacher tells them "There was a little girl who was supposed to be here this year, but she can't be. So her mom made this for her." Smiling through tears!

As I've done throughout this whole journey, I wanted to share the pages with you. I blocked out the names of the kids for privacy. I hope they make you smile! :)