Newsletter in the works

You may have heard, or noticed it for yourself, but FB is severely limiting the reach of small business pages, favoring those who can pay big money to reach all of their fans. From a page owner (and page liker) point of view, it upsets me that a very small percentage of my fans actually see what I post. IMO, if I "like" a page, I did it to stay in touch with that particular company.

Sure, there are a few things you could do on FB like selecting "get notifications" to make sure you see your favorite page's post, but all-in-all I'm not exactly optimistic about the direction that FB is going in terms of promoting my business. That being said, I still love sharing my thoughts, creative process, promotions, and finished beanies with you and my FB page is here to stay.

So why am I bringing this up? I want to make sure I stay in touch with you, without being overly obnoxious. I'm thinking about starting an email newsletter for big updates, contest announcements, upcoming sales, and new items. What'd you think? It'd never be more than one email a week, and more likely only 2-3 times a month.

Would you be interested in a Playin' Hooky newsletter?